Isn't the Brighton Burnout Supposed to Take Place This Saturday?

The ‘Diesel Run’ conversation won’t let me post. That sounds like fun, but I wondered if I was mistaken in my belief that the Brighton run was supposed to take place on Saturday, September 10th, as well. Is anyone going on that?

Brooke, there’s already a thread regarding the Kill Spills rally, which is why I closed that other thread, to avoid confusion. I did post up about the main thread before closing the other one!

Sorry, Jay! Still learning the ropes (and the names of all of the rallies!).

The 12th annual Ace Cafe run i think thats what you mean. I believe thats on Sunday the 11th - not sure so dont quote me on that.

The Brighton Burn-up is on Sunday 11th and is part of the 12th Annual Ace Cafe Reunion weekend. Speculation says The Tutuels from OCC is suppose to be there and lead down to Brighton but not sure. Theres a sign at Ace Cafe saying the brighton burn-up is in association with The Discovery Channel so should be a good day all-in-all.


I’m taking two days off, it’s gonna be a bikers weekend!

Friday evening - I finally managed to be off so see you at the ace

Saturday- London ride

Sunday- Trip to Brighton


And the weatherman says…

I’m going to Brighton Sunday, But will be taking the train as will have the wife and kids with me, Daughter wants to have her picture taken with Mickey if he’s come over.


Hi Brooke, The “Brighton Burn Up” is on Sunday the 11th, but it’s the Annual Brighton Sprint on Saturday where they sprint the length of the sea front and close the whole thing off for the day.

it’s (as the title would describe) and annual event and quite good to watch as you’re really close to the action, but it gets so packed as it’s for cars and bikes! Hope this helps!!

This sounds cool too! Do u know what times it starts?

Hooray! It also looks like the BBC five day forecast took away the black clouds with rain drops. I am in an ‘out on the town’ mood for Saturday nights, so fingers crossed that the Brighton run doesn’t start too early on Sunday morning. I’ll be out for the ride on Saturday with bells on (and, hopefully a London Bikers sticker!).

Think it starts bout 10am. But as they say, arrive early to avoid disappointment, few mates going down there on drag bikes but can’t go myself , something about work and paying mortgages or something. But highly recommended if you can go!