!!! isnt anybody bovverd today!!

!! id love to know wat realy get ur back up!! ie.leaving the loo seat up…having no loo roll when u have been for a number 2!!! ect""""

got new laptop, was eating Haagen Daz pralines n cream with a mix of toffee crunch n extra hazelnuts … nuts fell onto my keyboard

got stuck between the keys in several places

went raging mad

got a knife and brought out half the keys so could get nuts out to eat them

now taking me ages to type as dont know what keys are which

Pizza delivery riders.

I’ve no idea what all this “bovverd” business is all about…I guess you could say THAT is getting my back up, a bit!!

its about moans and groans!! if you dont like something or want to know something in general or just want a moan!!

than this is the place to put it.!!.xxx

and i will try and help or tell u if im bovverd or not


Innit thou.

im all “hot” and bovvered! heehee

yeah well you would be with your man around your c****

!! im now bovverd as i aint geting it till end march!!!

well you can always have me

!!! i will ask adam !!! lol

dont think he will agree.hehe

what he dont know wont hurt him