Islington - St John St. Percival/Skinner street. Junction closed due to accident


Try to avoid, it may take some time to clear the carnage.


what the heck happened?

Juke get tired and want nap on a side…


Everyone ok?

OK -ish…
Had no chance to go and speak to biker as police and paramedic was at scene immediately. He was conscious and after few initial minutes taken to hospital.

The Juke driver (and passenger/passengers) try to decamp the car but 2 was found shortly after and they are in custody (so I’ve been told).

Rest is a bit of a mystery, we can obviously start guessing but at that point there is no need for that.


This is link to local newspaper.


Sad that an innocent man now has life changing injuries because of some [email protected] on the run from the police.

I heard all the sirens at work. I thought something was up, but my colleagues said it’s the usual London noise.

Man I really feel sorry for the rider. At the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope he recovers well.

I always shudder when I hear that comment “life changing injuries”. I always think ‘paralysed’ :frowning:

I was thinking loss of a limb as a witness reported his left leg being pretty bad :frowning: Really is so sad.

Hello everyone,
I was reading all the reports in the press and thought I’d reassure you that the person in the accident is recovering well. He is my father, and has been on two wheels since 1965’
And has no intention of being dissuaded from returning to form, albeit after all limbs have repaired. Thanks for all your concern and well-wishes. He would probably want you all to know that what saved his life was good armour and helmet. It protected all the organs and nervous system and means his life will be normal within a year.

Thanks again, I’ll ask him to read anything further posted.

Good news

Thanks for dropping in, wish your father well from all at LB

I wish your father a speedy recovery.
Thanks for letting us know.

Really good to hear he’s going to recover well. Best wishes to him…

Thanks for the good knews. Wish him well!

Thank you so much that you find time and posted this. I was on the scene and I have seen him with paramedics. He was my main concern at time as well as after when I start learning stories about the accident. I’m glad that he will be ok and can fully recover from that unfortunate accident.

Wish your Dad all the best!

Good to hear all is gong to be well and that he will be getting back in the saddle
There is always newbie night at the Ace in the mean time…he wouldn’t be the first to visit on crutches/wheelchair!

It’s every first monday of the month :wink:

Very nice of you to sign up! Glad he is recovering well. Send him our regards!

All the very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

So pleased to hear that your father is recovering well and that he has not been put off getting back on a bike. Wishing him the speediest of recoveries :slight_smile: