Islington Council FPN Images / Video


I recently received a fine for driving through a bus lane, I’ve already contested it although I went to login today to their PCN system to look at the images and none were available, I clicked through to the download footage link and it was 404 not found?

Anybody else experience anything like this?

Anybody know who I can call to get a copy of this footage?

James Harris

Correspondence and Appeals Officer

Traffic & Parking Services

Islington Council

Islington Parking Appeals

PO Box 2019


WR10 9BN

Good luck

Cheers bud, apparently they’re emailing me a copy of the footage. :slight_smile:

they did to me

we are on first name terms

im still waiting for my xmass party invite after all I must be paying for it by now

Are you going to share the pictures here?

I can do if you’re interested, will upload them when I get home.

Unfortunately I still can’t view them online so a photograph of a photograph will have to suffice.

Gravedigging this thread with a small update and the images I promised to share.

So Islington council have upheld their decision to hit me with the PCN, the grounds I’m contesting it on are a little grey to me so I’ll give them a call later for clarification regarding the signage.

That sign is a bit out of focus, but to my eyes it looks like it has a motorbike on the sign which in my knowledge means bikes can enter

I wasn’t aware a bus lane was coming up, although you can’t see it that bus lane is after a left hand bend.

They are meant to be sign posted 20 metres or feet (can’t remember which) before they commence. This is signposted however there’s a side road which I turned out of which is a couple of meters behind the 20 feet warning meaning I was unaware there was a bus lane coming.

Side roads are meant to have warning signs also. This one didn’t have one.

The reply I got from the council was generic and didn’t answer my original query so I’ll let this one go to the arbitrators if I can be sure I’m not in the wrong.

Nah, that’s just bus, bicycle and taxi. There’s an extra line for the ones with motorbikes on.

Where abouts was the garden mate?

The garden?

Where your bike was found? If my memory serves me correctly it was left in someones garden…

Ah yeah! It was in an estate on Parkhurst Road - the last one on your right before the uni halls going towards the A1/Finsbury Park.

Was it the estate which leads through to tuffnell park road, next to the TA center?

Notorious there mate, really glad you got it back.

Nah, opposite the TA centre. I’d parked up right on its periphery (on the road that runs between Parkhurst Rd and Camden Rd), they probably spent all of three minutes moving it, but got it far enough away from any roads that I didn’t find it.

And, yeah, I still can’t quite believe I’ve got it back. I’ve been really anal about locking it and things recently…