Isle Of Wight

Hey guys… need a lil help. Me and my friends are looking to go down to the isle of wight on the 26th. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go on the island? Good riding roads? Thanx boys.

Avoiding Newport, jus about all the roads are good - Military Road from Ventnor always seems to have bikers caning it… though never done it by bike myself.

To be honest, if you’re there for the day just go on an adventure, you’ll cover most of it… again though, just avoid Newport, unless you’re looking for filtering fun:w00t:

the roads round sandown are good ventor are good as well.there are some good pubs in ryde.i should know half my family live there

A lap of the island is pretty good. Roads aren’t too bad, although when I last went, it was quite busy with a rideout of about 200 monkey bikes. :crazy:

Off the ferry turn left, head for the south of the island, great roads but if it is busy it wont be much fun.

The military road from Ventnor is the only road you can get any sort of speed from on the island the rest is gentle plodding country lanes and towns.

The isle of wight is a lovely place to visit but some of the road surfaces can only be described as in dire need of repair !

Enjoy your trip mate and hope the weather gets better for you !

Is the Prison still there :D:)

:smiley: my home patch ! have fun :smiley:

agree with some of above go to military road and avoid newport

i have not been back for ages am in essex

try zig zag road on ventnor sea front for a little bit of fun

have a great time and hope you get good weather

Make sure you have had your money exchanged, had your jabs and don’t forget your passport.

Island roads - the recently rebuilt / resurfaced ones ( few and far between) are good but generally the road surfaces are dire. Shocks and clutches are the things that tend to go most often over here.

Military Road nice and long few bends and the usual haunt for plod with his camera.

Middle road from Carisbrooke to Freshwater Bay is a nice ride, then Mili Rd to Chale, Black Gang Chine with a car park and viewpoint ,just up the hill on the right, overlooking the south of the Island. Then blast down to Niton, take the back road down to Ventnor via St Lawrence, dodgy surface but a few nice bends, then off into Ventnor.

Zig zag hill could be fun if it weren’t for the crappy surface.

The island is 23 miles by 13 with a perimeter of 72 so it don’t take long to get round.

Be aware that holiday season is starting to pick up, so lots of coaches, Sunday drivers out any day and 40% of the Islanders are 60 and over, and drive like they are 90! So be aware and take care.

When are you coming down and where you sailing from?