Isle of Wight TT for 2021

According to article they changed the law sometime in 2017. I had no idea either way and always wondered why everything happened in NI and IoM.

“In 2017 the government passed a new law, authorising the Auto Cycle Union and Motor Sports Association to issue permits for racing, so an act of parliament was no longer required to close roads.”

That’s why things like Coventry motofest started then

It’s really great news, especially given the current climate. It’s so much easier for us Londoners to get to. I’m well up for it and I think @pricetta would be as well. I bet there’s quite a few LB’ers who would be up for riding down?

They are already, just an excuse to bump the prices even higher.
I reckon there’s a good chance this will happen as not all the music festivals will be happening on the island, even with the Covid19 screwing events up.
This could possibly run just with TV rights and sponsorship money funding it.

yeah, they’re desperate to cover the lost revenue from the festivals.

Can’t imagine how many bikers will turn up to the ferry to find it’s full. Key will be getting there the day before the race you want and coming back the day after I think.

At least, Unlike the IOM, it’ll be easier to get around while the racing is on.

The Isle of Wight ferry is proportionately one of the most expensive in the world, with this on I’d imagine they hike the price even more.

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Only been tio IoW once (in Feb). I’m sure you could / had to pre-book?

So you could book for a day, turn up, jump on and come back same day.

Be a long day mind you but it would save the need to book hotels etc.

One of the girls at work has a house out there so we’ve all prebooked our place :+1:t2:

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View of the lap

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That’s going to be bloody insane. God knows how they got sign-off from the residents.

probably along the lines of “it’s happening, bugger off on holiday if you don’t like it”

Where do IoW’ers go on holiday?


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I thought they only went there to die, I bit like Eastbourne

I was riding through Eastbourne once looking out for a bike shop (for a headlight)

Looked ahead as I could see a range of vehicles parked out the front of a shop…fcking mobility scooters. Land of the dead and the soon to be dead.

Otherwise known as God’s Waiting Room

You lot not been to Frinton have you :slight_smile:

Has anyone ever been to Frinton & heard of since?

In Essex there is a saying. “Harwich for the continent, Frinton for the incontinent.”

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I thought Essex only had one way

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