Isle of Wight - May 2021

Doing a search (and it works :smiley: ) there seem to be heaps to read but very old posts. Lots of mixed comments about what its like. Some say the roads are sheet and give locals wide berth, others say roads are great and locals are friendly.

Anyone been there more recently? I was there last over 10 years ago for a festival so have no idea wtf its like sober(lets hope), let alone on a motor vehicle. Thinking of going there for the first May Bank holiday…still weighing up options and the weather. According to the local restrictions, I must find a self contained place, I will just get an airbnb or something. Do I need 3 days there? its less than 70miles of road worth riding from what I have found on my research.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Mate,

@ILikeTurtles has been on the IoW for a while, sure he can give a relatively well educated answer on this one.

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Not sure about well educated :joy:

Ignoring the main coastal route which is indeed around 70 miles (including the military road, which is ace, and well maintained but only about 10-15 mins end-to-end), it all kinda depends on what bike you’re riding.

I’d kinda compare it to the roads out in Cornwall past Falmouth - lots of tight, half-maintained only-just-over-single-lane roads with high hedges that are awesome on a supermoto but probably not that enjoyable on a supersport.

If you’re not just taking the coast road then you could probably make a couple of days out of it, particularly if you stop at some of the nicer tourist spots which should be relatively quiet this year (the battery / rocket test site up at the Needles is pretty cool)

The main thing is you can’t really get lost - just head in a direction and within 20 mins you’ll hit the sea :upside_down_face: so it’s nice to explore, and there’s some ace scenery down the south and south west of the island that will blow you away if the weather is good.


Is the quarantine worth it?.. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I wanted to ride my 695 Monster for this trip as she hasn’t stretched her legs for a while now.

Supermoto because it’s uparight ride? I have to admit the “only just over single lane” roads are not my favourite on the monster from recent memory. I will probably do the 70miles coastal road mainly on the first day, I assume that’s worth doing anyway? Second day will just explore as you say.

Cheers for the info man. Think I will come for a visit anyway.

What quarantine? hahaha am I missing something?

The monster will be fine - Aside from the better visibility of being upright, because the extra suspension travel on an SM will soften off the random potholes, and the farmer shit in the middle of corners :+1:

Gav is just taking the piss about the quarantine, suggesting the IoW is another country :joy:


Ha! Right hahaha good one Gav, totally went over my head there.

Cool cool, thanks again, that doesn’t sound too bad.

Farmers shit in the corners? Don’t they have porta-loos? :stuck_out_tongue: