Isle of Sheppey - some advice please

Afternoon all ,

so Im planning on visiting my mate on the Isle who is new to biking and was wondering if anyone has any experience in that part of the world for some nice ride outs ?

Looking at the map looks pretty close to Whitstable , Herne Bay etc but personally dont have any experience around there.

Any help appreciated ,


Dont know what your expectations are but you are better off heading inland . Where are you coming from and what do you ride? Sorry , but have lived in those Towns and there is no pleasure in riding there .

We went on a ride there … once … and tend to agree with you;)

Ahh I see !

Understood ! so I guess Ill head inland then after meeting him ! The whole point was to just hook up for a few hours and head out , nothing too major as I mentioned he is new to riding.

Probably head down the coast then and see whats there !

Am often up for a proper ride , know some good roads and have time on my hands , just a little bit of notice needed .

There is one nice pub on the coast on the IoS (can’t remember what it’s called) but the road to it is very rough, or was, more like a cart track. Probably not the best surface for a new rider anyway.

The roads used to be very good around there untill the new bridge and roads where built, some nice roads around whitstable , i cant be more specific ,i just tend to point and go , more fun .

Again sorry , but the only things around Whitstable are the Thanet Way , oh and the Sea

Have a look around the Rye ,Lydd,camber area , some highly recommended roads down that way .

Oh yes - Rye to Dungeness via Camber - a few of us enjoyed that a few weeks ago:D:D(so much we went back the same way to do it again)

Thats more like it .

+1 very good roads:cool:

Lovely !

Thanks everyone , just what I needed !

Lets hope bank holiday Monday has some sun and not the normal rain !

Unfortunatly no longer exists. It was one of the funniest websites ever. I know the area well as Jackie’s family moved there after she left home. I suspect the pub you refer to is the The Ferry House Inn at Harty. I wouldn’t take a car down that road, never mind a bike. The road has always been sunken, bumpy, cracked potholled and sh1t.

Head towards maidstone on the A249 from the island. From Maidstone town centre head south(ish) past the police HQ on the A229 towards Hastings. Follow it towards Tenterden and Biddenden. Take the A28 (I think) towards Ashford. When it gets to Ashford follow towards Faversham (A251 - this is the best road). From Faversham take the A2 back towards Sittingbourne and then back to the island. Takes no more than 3 hours if you stop on route and is learner friendly but still fun if you are more experienced.

Have fun!