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Moto2 GP bike set for sensational Isle of Man TT debut <A title=PDF onclick=“‘’,‘win2’,‘status=no,toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,titlebar=no,menubar=no,resizable=yes,width=640,height=480,directories=no,location=no’); return false;” href=“” target=_blank>PDF <A title=Print onclick=“‘’,‘win2’,‘status=no,toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,titlebar=no,menubar=no,resizable=yes,width=640,height=480,directories=no,location=no’); return false;” href=“” target=_blank>Print <A title=E-mail onclick=“‘’,‘win2’,‘status=no,toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,titlebar=no,menubar=no,resizable=yes,width=400,height=250,directories=no,location=no’); return false;” href=“” target=_blank>E-mail Written by Administrator - Olie Linsdell teams up with FTR to bring state of the art prototype machine to the TT

The Isle of Man TT Races are again proving their worldwide importance and value to the motorcycling world with the sensational news that one of the all-new Moto2 GP bikes will be contesting the Senior TT. The 600cc bikes have replaced the two-stroke 250cc machines at GP level and the 2010 TT will be the first place that race fans will see the bike being raced in the British Isles.

British chassis manufacturers FTR will be supplying the Honda-engined machine. It will be a similar spec to that being ridden in the Grands Prix by riders including former 125cc World Champion Gabor Talmacsi and GP winners Alex Debon and Andrea Iannone. British rider Graeme Gowland has also had considerable success on the machine when he raced in the Spanish Championship at the end of 2009.

Bedfordshire based Olie Linsdell will be riding the special GP bike, which should be able to mirror the speeds of the Supersport bikes. Olie will be following in his father’s footsteps in riding a revolutionary machine on the Mountain Course. Steve Linsdell was the last man to ride a GP bike in a Senior TT when he rode the 500cc Paton in 2007 and he has also ridden bikes like the GTS1000 Yamaha and Triumph Saxon at a high level.

22-year old Linsdell, a double Manx Grand Prix winner in 2007, looked set to have a strong TT 12 months ago until he broke his leg during Wednesday evening’s practice session following an incident at Glen Duff. He was back in the saddle for the Classic 2009 Manx Grand Prix where he led the race until being forced to retire on the final lap.

One of the brightest talents to emerge in recent years, Linsdell is now 100% fit and is clearly excited to be given such an opportunity. He commented:

“The Moto2 GP class is exciting for everyone at the moment and I’m delighted and honoured to get the opportunity to race one at the TT. There’s a big buzz around the class and while the 600cc bike won’t be quick enough to challenge the Superbikes for the win in the Senior TT, there’s no reason at all why it can’t lap in excess of 125mph and get inside the top ten which would be a great achievement.

He continued:

“Both the team and I obviously have a lot to learn about how the bike will cope with the Mountain Course but the chassis is as good as anything else out there and we’ll be aiming to match, if not better, the 600cc Supersport lap times. The whole project is sure to create a lot of interest during TT fortnight and we’re confident we can do it justice and get a credible result.”

Hon Martyn Quayle, MHK, Minister for Tourism and Leisure, Isle of Man Government commented:

“The TT has always provided a great test-bed for new and innovative machinery since its inception in 1907 and everyone is really looking forward to seeing how the Moto 2 GP bike performs on the course. This year’s event is sure to be fascinating for spectators with a wide range of manufacturers – both new and established – competing against each other as well as the return of some old favourites.”

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