Isle of Man TT game announced for 2017

Some good news for those of us who like to indulge in an occasional video game:

Haven’t heard of this Kylotonn Games studio but hoping that they’ll deliver something good.

I thought the studio was big Ben? This’ll stop me buying a ps2 to run the old TT game then.

I love a gaming session…

Xbox, PlayStation, PC :sunglasses:

In fact kids have retired to their bedrooms so might fire up the ps4 for a bit of division! :video_game:

I’m always very wary of bikes in games, though as Me_groovy said the TT game on PS2 was awesome

Wary for good reason it seems.

“Kylotonn developed last year’s Motorcycle Club”

Motorcycle club was god awful, an absolute disgrace of a game

I found Tourist Trophy on the PS2 to be too realistic. I flipped the ZX10 about 4 times then crashed spectacularly in the first corner.