Isle of Man TT Classes

Hi all, I’ve just watched TT3D: Closer to the Edge (fantastic film if you haven’t seen it yet) and was curious about the different solo events that are held each year at the IoM TT. I know there are currently five - Supersport 1&2, Superstock, Superbike and the Senior TT race, but what are the differences between them all?

I know Supersport bikes are smaller capacity (600cc?) but why are there 2 Supersport races and one of each of the others? Is there a difference between the spec of the bikes raced in the Superstock, Superbike and Senior TT races? The lap times for those classes seem to be quite close together (superstock a little slower than the superbike/senior TT).

Cheers in advance for any info!

superbike and senior are the same bikes , brit superbike spec bikes based on 1000 roadbikes ,highly altered and very expensive

superstock are basically 1000 cc road bikes with minimal changes ,hence superstock

supersport are tuned 600s based on the 600 roadbikes

The bike used in the senior doesn’t have to be the super bike, superstock or supersport bikes can also be used in this race.

An example of this was this year when Dan Kneen used his superstock bike in the senior. He was lapping at 127mph+ during the race on it!

Ah OK, thanks for clarifying. I guessed that ‘superstock’ referred to production bikes, but given that they are so close to the superbikes in terms of lap times over the course, I doubted whether that could be the case!

So why is it that there are two Supersport races?