Isle of Man TT 2006

I’ve just sent Jay a batch of about 180 images from the Isle of Man TT… man it was a pig sorting through them and editing… my poor mac was chugging hard. Theres some crackers and some average shots, but all about the TT… heres a couple before Jay sifts through the uploads.

Bruce Anstey coming in Parliament Square, Ramsey

Bruce Anstey giving me the thumbs up at the Ramsey Hairpin

Bruce Anstey Parliamnet Square Ramsey

Number 62 getting a clear view of the Mountain Course ahead.

Mark Buckley at the Hairpin Ramsey

John “Mr TT” McGuinness at Parliament Square Ramsey

Paul “Big H” Hunt at the Creg Ny Baa

…and this is the other thing I spent all week doing!!

Amazing photos Floyd! Processing yours now, thanks for the contribution!

great pics lov all of them

Gallery now up!!

Top stuff Floyd!

Yeah top stuff man! Great to have you back on line too.

Loving those pics above - the thumbs-up and tear-off shots are fantastic.


Must get my a*se into gear and sort out a trip for next year before it’s too late…

Floyd mate, they are fantastic shots.

What are you shooting on? I know you lucked out with excellent light, but the lens must be awesome! What do you use?

Yours sincerely, Complete Camera Geek

sounds like a song to me “bruce anstey came in parlinment square” hee hee

Great pics Flloyd. From what I have seen it must have been a magical time up there, the racing was amazing.

in picture two was Bruce filming you with a bullet cam on the nearside fairing near the mushroom