Isle of Man Racing 1970

From Silodrome

Frightening how far away 1970 seems now eh? :crazy:

Aye, tried explaining the 70’s to my sons. They tried to get me sectioned.

I am not quite that old but I did race Scooters in the early 80’s. :smiley:

Don’t get me started on the 80’s

The days of Dave Webster, Ralph Saxelby et al? Cool. I did the scooter rallies thing in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I sold a Lambretta just last year.

Yes mate I did the rallies early 80’s I then started racing in 1985. I also did the grass-track and off road championships. :slight_smile:

I raced for Taffspeed racing for a couple of seasons. :smiley:

What clubs were you in ?

I might take a nostalgic trip to the loft to look at old photo’s. :slight_smile:

I won the VCB clubmans championship can,t remember what year but the prize was a brand new scooter from Midland Scooter Centre. :smiley:

I can remember when Space 1999 was the future . . .

Cool, racing for the Franklands! I used to do rallies out of Hartlepool then from Surrey after I moved here in '88. Never was in a club as such (hated the politics) but hung out with like minded mates and we rode all over the country. I still have links to some guys in the scene. One of my best mates manages Mark Broadhurst’s business and another makes stuff for Ron Moss. If I have the space in the future I’ll get another Lambretta, tuned to the bollocks of course :smiley: