Isle of Man Luis Carriera Interview

Yup… loads of freelancers get press passes and the highest band of press pass too… I can’t imagine you’d have too much trouble if you applied.

Make sure you have your insurance too… £5million cover Public Liability.

To be honest I’m a little miffed about the passes… I worked for a couple of people this year (LondonBikers, Associated Press, Mannin Media and a few others) and got my passes fine… but there are a lot of pass holders out there shooting with digicams… siding up next to you asking about exposure and technique… which I am all to happy to chat about… but not at the side of a race track like the Isle of Man… and it makes me wonder how they managed to get passes and if dedicated togs missed out because of it…

Sorry… sounds like I’m being elitest or pompus… but thats really not the case… just far too many cases of “who you know” and not how good/experienced you are.

Rant over :slight_smile:

Hi Floyd/Lenny/Pete :smiley:

Yes, we seem to get everywhere. Not sure there’s a biking forum I’m NOT on :slight_smile:
Pretty good rant, & not elitist OR pompus. Although there were certain togs out there looking down their noses at ME. Just because i don’t have the latest, most expensive equipment. Or the fact i wasn’t working for a major publication or website.
I DID however get some of my work published in the Indy, which was one of my main goals. Everyone has to start somewhere & with a pass, i stand a better chance. after all, i’d love the chance to work for the likes of Londonbikers & other accredited sites. (by the way, are you the main photographer for Londonbikers at the TT?)
I didn’t ask anyone about settings though, i think i know my way around my camera now :slight_smile:

Anyway, before i get involved in a rant of my own, i’ll just end by saying You’re photos of this years TT are feckin amazing!
Some of the best work i’ve seen.
Stephen Davison who? :smiley:

Hi Floyd, Thanks alot for the great information, hope to meet you all there next year. Were can i see your work??

Hey… sorry about the rant… lol… its been a long couple of weeks… and thanks for the compliment!

I only managed a few shots of ya man… swapped numbers a few times eh! :slight_smile:

Hopefully my TT gallery will be up on LB soon…

Best I got I’m afraid.