Isle of Man Luis Carriera Interview

Hi,Can anyone help me , i would love to see the interview from the Portuguese Rookie Rider Luís Carreira, i have see it at the ITV4 Channel, but could not save it:(

hope someone have it

Thanks’s in there not for long mind but worth watching the whole program.

Hi, It does not work, do i need some programe??


This is my home town Rider Luís Carreira

He´s on fire at the Isle Of Man,

Anyone with photos from the best rider in Portugal in the race Isle of man??

Thanks to everybody


Luis Carreira was the best Rookie at Senior race yesterday:D

thanks to all of you and netx year i will bee there for sure

Sorry mate but i have no idea why that link does not work for you as i have just clicked on it and it opened up straight away!!!

Well done to him for being best rookie, thats a massive achievement to recieve.

My mate Mark Parrett managed a 16th in the Superbike race, 17th in the Superstock and a fantastic 11th in the Senior.

I hope you get to see the interview of Luis somehow.



Well done for your mate Mark Parret:) PJ wen i open the link i can see Guy Martin but i has a msg" Unfotunately we are experience a technical issue at present. please try again later" for me it´s always this msg;(Maybe someone have it or maybe tomorow they show it the hight lightsThanks PJ for responding to my msg Best regardsMiguel Flores

Here are two that I took of him they are not the best quality and certainly not as good as yours… mind you, my camera is only a nikon cool pix, so i cant expect them to be that good!

Luis did well in his races, he looked smooth and got better as the week went on whcih is what you want to see! If you hear any of his interviews in portuguese, let us know what he thought of the circuit and the TT in general!

The first photo that is Luis (#63) in the back ground chasing down sergio ramerio along Cronk y Voddy straight.

The second is during practice for the superstock race taken at quarterbridge, you’ll notice that he’s got #90 on the place, the number he was due to race with, but he was pushed up.

Stunning photos of Luis Carriera. Dont have a link for the interview, but got a few shots of him myself.
top rider with obvious talent & road race ability.
Learned this circuit very quickly.

Has i usualy say your pics are much better then the ones i coult not take, and with a camera like that, with the high speeds that they get, perfect photos for sure…I´m a friend from Luís Carreira for sure i will get to talk to him soon, i have already a press information, that i will try my best to translate( poor me).If you can help me with the place to stay and how and were can we takes photos over there, i would bee very appreciate:)

Thanks alot Chunky,

Great shots:) hope i can meet you there next year and have alot of fun taking insane photos

Would love if you can help me how to plan 2010 isle of man, place to stay, were can we take shots, need some acreditation to tale photos? …

Best regards

Miguel Flores

You will probably need to work for a magazine. So get accreditation from them and then talk to the press office at the Isle of Man and ask for Simon Krellin. He is in the press office, it would probably be best if the magazine in Portugal you are taking the pictures for contact Simon and say that they would like you to be there to take photo’s for them.

Not sure if its too early to get accreditation for next year but start workig on the magazines and get them to print some shots you have already taken/going to take. Once they have your pictures in the mag it would be easier in the future and then may lead to better oportunities for Portimao :wink:

Good luck with your quest and look forward to seeing more photo’s in the future.

Hi Miguel,
This site is very good for information on getting to the Isle of Man

As for where’s the best place to take photos? you got 37 miles of road to choose from :smiley:
I admit, its a bit easier with a press pass, but with the amount of restricted areas around the course even press are limited. when you get here, you’ll understand why you dont want to be stood in certain places.
I could happily show you some good places though

PJ pretty much summed up what you need to do for a press pass. If you work for a magazine, you shouldn’t have a problem. but even freelancers seem to get one easily too.
Hope this helps a little

chunky…ive got too be honest mate…your one of the best motorcycle photographers i have seen yet…

outstanding shots and a class of your very own…

keep em comming mate…


Miguel, fantastic photos mate!

Speak to us about accreditation. We’re accredited with nearly every series.

hi to all,

Thanks alot for the infomation PJ, have read some good news from Jay, hope he can help me.

Chunky i would love to know a good place with a lower price were someone has been,and close to all the action:)

Jay sure i have to talk to you, isle of man and bristish Superbike race at cadwell park, and will hope to meet you in person:)

Big hugs to all

Thank you very much Smiled, very kind of you.
Don’t say keep em coming though or i’ll bombard the site with hundreds of my shots :smiley:

Miguel, Pretty much everywhere is free to watch here. a few of the grandstands charge, but no good for photos.
All the best places are free.
Cool that Jay can sort you out with a pass maybe. could have done with that myself this year. might have got a gold pass instead of silver :smiley:

Sansao (17/06/2009)

Hey Sansão,You did note quote kml_uk MSG!!!Please write again. Thanks

Hey Chunky…

We get everywhere eh!! :slight_smile:

I have a fair job lot of ya man here… I’m not sure if they are included in my uploads (far too many images to process and post)… but I will have a look through and see what I have.

Pete (Lenny01):slight_smile: