Is this the time buy roadside assistance?

Every year the same thing. My roadside expires first couple of days in December. I know cause it’s linked to a personal event.

Every time renewal comes early November… Always quoting a price of c.£150ish (once was £220).

Any quotes in November always come up around the renewal price. But come the last day of Nov/first day of December, the AA price drops to a sub £100 figure…
Always telling me I got a discount of c£130ish. Thatt is for vehicle cover, nationwide recovery and home start

Is this a Black Friday effect?

NB. I know green flag and banks can offer cheaper deals. I’m not trying to compare one with another, just whether this is a particularly good time to buy?

A good time to buy is when you get the product you need for the lowest price possible.

If you currently have no cover and want the piece of mind it provides them yes now is a good time.

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No doubt, don’t disagree with that at all and this won’t help anyone who’s policy renews in July.

Was just curious as this sequence of events above has happened without fail for the last five years

I’m sure there’s some AI algorithm, programmatic cookie tracking or whatever the modern marketer is using to give me a slightly better price whilst hiding the fact it could be cheaper elsewhere

Possibly at this time of year they have to work harder to drum up business, as people have all that Xmas excess spending they feel pressured into doing. So breakdown cover is likely to be something they’re tempted to put off until the new year?

Yeah possibly, discount now to meet year end targets

My renewal comes up in August every year, and every year the price increases substantially.

When I call the breakdown firm they say its because my car (which I have had from new) is getting older and is therefore more likely to suffer a breakdown and so the increase reflects the cars age. (As a by the by, the one time I did need to call them so far, was about 8 years ago when I mis fuelled, so it was my fault not the cars unreliability)

Anyway, every year I go online, put in the details of my car, and the price online drops by about 50%, so I have to phone up and ask why they are charging me double to their online quote?

As usual, they then reduce the premium to match the online price.

The last time I spoke to them, they said it is like the insurance companies. They put the prices up knowing that the majority will just cough up the additional premiums without questioning it. That’s how these companies profiteer.

Always worth doing an online check on prices to compare with renewal quote (works for bike and car insurance as well) 99 times out of 100 it will be cheaper and give you a valid argument to get the prices down…

The worst possible times for renewals, I’ve found, are coming up to Christmas when you are likely to be distracted with all the preparations for upcoming Christmas travel, work parties etc, and August.

I made a point of moving my bike’s insurance date from August after a one hour phone call to Carole Nash ruining what should have been a lovely family boat trip across the Venetian lagoon. The call had to be done and it was one of those calls where they insisted on going through every last detail of my life and then repeating it all back to me item by item: ‘have you, or anyone else on the policy, ever been blah blah’ for an hour.

If you can’t give your full attention to shopping around you get stung.

It could be that other people avoid renewals at this time of year too and the companies have targets to meet, so maybe this is a good time.

Yeah I’ve had this as well. But in past few years the online checks don’t give me the reduced price, until recently the day or two before my expiry day.

They won’t be able to track me as I put no real identifiable data to get price.