Is this the start of the end?

Is this another nail in the coffin for Top Gear?

Tbh I used to love JC but lately I found myself switching channels every time that amazon commercial comes up. And I love Amazon.

the decision means the loss of the Dunsfold Business Park that includes over 100 businesses that employ 800 people
This is a very positive decision for Waverley – the development of Dunsfold Aerodrome will provide homes for young families currently priced out of the area, direct development away from green fields, create new jobs

I’d put nothing past Clarkson, when did he know about this and just what is his involvement… B-)

I guess wings and wheels will no longer be a thing…

lol, it will include “some” affordable housing. 

bollocks will it.

lol, it will include "some" affordable housing. 
bollocks will it.
1 house out of 1800 is still technically "some"...

The council will probably put a clause in the contract stating that a certain proportion of the homes must be “affordable”… whatever the definition of the word is that they choose

The Top Gear track is the only track I have ridden a lap of (on a 500cc scooter).

BTW, affordable housing means 80% of local market cost. Work that out for Westminster!

Developers can buy themselves out of affordable housing under section 106
There are also ways of avoiding getting caught by section 106

I was going to say this, you only need to see the scam in elephant & castle on what’s not being supplied from the original specifications.

Also “affordable housing” is not what we need, it’s social housing.

Yep your right but to make things easy I tend to put affordable and social housing under the same banner

Top Gear and The Grand Tour are irrelevant because School boys can get their fill of clowns driving cars they don’t own on YouTube. The genre has died a death and not before time.