Is this the next Marc Marquez??!/SpeedSociety/videos/1245906235426676/

I love at about 1:15 he really tries to open the throttle…

and respect coming off just getting back up and back on.

Yes, just before he come off he lost the back end a bit, and when he come off i was willing him to get back on the Bike, and i was proper chuffed as if he was my son when he did!!

Top marks to (what i presume was) His Dad when he came off he didn’t rush to him and make a fuss, he just stayed on his bike and let the kid deal with it himself. Best way to do it in my opinion

That’s awesome! He probably broke off his training wheels after one of the 65 degree leans.

That’s what I’ll do with my son (if I ever have one) - take him to a race school while he’s still young.

I want to get my Little one a MiniMoto for christmas, you can get a 49cc one Brand new off Ebay for £130, But his Mum won’t let me do it. I’ve even rung local cart tracks and some allow you to take them on there on special days.