Is This Right??????????

well last weekend my mate went up to K.F.C to get dinner for us because he had a bucket under his seat as its a ped. anyways he parked on the pavement like always went in ordered came out and his bikes been clamped. fair enough i would Think 40 or so quid and off he goes but the ticket was £352 ??? iS THAT LEGAL?

Who issued the ticket? It’s not legal in any case, but it could be a printing error, check who issued it.

Its only legal if there are signs saying so. Looks like it was on private land and the private clamping companies can charge what they like as long as it is advertised somewhere where you can see it. That figure is more than taking the ‘P’ though.

If its on normal highways equivalent property I thought that they had to provide a ticket first and then only after a certain period of time could they clamp.

I think some serious detective work is in order and also make sure that its not a mistake.

I am aware of some parking rules that state a PCN (and i assume clamping fine) cant be issued for more than you can legally afford to pay…

also, how the hell did they clamp a ped with those ikkle wheels…

thirdly how long was he in KFC for? goddamn…

Was there no parking spaces outside KFC, the one’s with the Meter’s - you know bike’s don’t need a ticket - As the traffic rules state, ticket needs to be displayed, but not so someone can get it. Nowhere on a bike to display and not be able to be stolen! But the most i’ve ever seen someone pay was £170, they should be wearing a mask and two pistols!

did he pay it?

Surely just get a mate with a van and pick it up and haul it away

Atomic Punk I dont know who issued the ticket i’ll ask him.

The Don they clamped the bike with a big chain Lock not the normal big clamps and he was inside no more then 5 mins

Sean theres no spaces at all the KFC was straight off a high street with double yellow lines

Weaver theres no signs that i can see on the KFC building

Big bad ox yeah he did pay it but his family was emptying out every thing they had

Chuffster The only thing i can think of with private parking is the pub next door but it was on the pavement outside KFC not the pub.

B*******S, There is no way that can be right, I would have kicked up a right fuss if that was me. Clamp busting service seems to be called for here. Who do we know that can help out with van and oxy acetelyne cutter?

Definately need to do research on this, sounds a bit of a scam. Find out who he paid and under whos jurisdiction they were acting to lock the bike in the first place. Also have a good look around to see what signage there is, there have to be warnings in place. Get some answers and then you will need some legal advice, suggest a visit to Citizens Advice unless anyone on here knows the legal stand on it. I hope he got a receipt, that should provide some information. Post up what you can find out and we may be able to do some research on the net if not locally.

If its a private clamp, you can sue them for the amount payed I believe.

But anyhow, WTF was he playing at? … You can hire bolt croppers or an angle grinder for less than £50 surely!!! … well that’s definitely what I would do!

Should have called the police, that is very wrong. Government is clamping down on firms like this at the moment.

Should have called the Angle Grinder Man… Although judging from the dates of the articles, perhaps he’s no longer operating.

Thanks Guys I’ll try and find out what i can

yeah, should have just cut the fcuker off.

The squatters advisory service in Balls Pond Road lend out croppers and crowbars for free to good causes

That takes the p**s but i know a mate who had his bike clamped on private property and had to pay £522 or they were gonna tow it away.

No point calling the police. The government in all its wisdom created legislation actually making this type of clamping legal. They wanted to get rid of all the cowboys but instead all the cowboys now have clamping licences and the law behind them. Do you know you can now be arrested for interfering with one of these b*****d clampers, their vehicles or their equipment.

On the bright side (if there is one) there are rules and regs that these clampers need to follow, including being licenced, clearly displaying signs (which have releases fees and contact numbers listed). If these don’t apply you can make a complaint to the SIA, who now regulate these w*****s and you may be able to get some sort of compensation.

Unfortunately, the clampers know the new laws inside out, and it is literally government sanctioned daylight robbery!

Ouch thats a lot of money i didnt think i’ll hear of any other fine bigger then the £352. thanks for that site mate

Know what u mean by rip offs??? I parked outside my local hein gericke at gants hill ilford? I went inside, within 10 mins someone came in and asked whos bike was getting a ticket, looked outside and theres this woman coppa !!! So i goes out and says whats up, she says my front wheel is parked on public pathway…i says i had no choice as someone had parked a van in the only other spot where us bikers where supposed to park and the rest of the places were full of bikes !!! She says, well i waited and no one came out to move it…i says, dont effing lie cos i saw u sitting in your poxy car in burger king carpark!!! she says well there was no one next to the bike so it gets a ticket…i says why didnt u put your head round the door and say if no one moves the front wheel an INCH back you will give it a ticket…she says…WAIT FOR IT… “I DIDNT KNOW WHERE THE OWNER MIGHT BE !!”… i end up with a £50 fine, so f**k went my summer gloves that day…and i said to her…oh well i guess that would be a toughie, considering this IS a bike shop and ALL these bikers here own BIKES…so i guess it would have been hard to work out that ONE of us owned this bike…but just write out your ticket to add to your quota today and have a REAL nice day !!! muttering “pastie faced BITCH” under my breath…!!!

Jees thats a mick take its not like the front wheels goin to take up the whole pavement

how you know thatv dude