Is this regarded as true?

Wrong site…oops

I dunno, that sounds pretty vague to me :wink:


Almost certainly “yes”. Except it is sometimes “no”. And then again, “perhaps”.

To be fair you can’t make a post like that and not tell us the site you wanted to post on and why :slight_smile:

It just leads to all sorts of assumptions about what you were looking to do…

C’mon you can’t leave us hanging like that…tell us what the question was…and what was the website you meant to post it on? :satisfied:

we won’t tell…:slight_smile:

No we won’t… It wasn’t the ‘Jimmy Savile played for Ipswich Toon’ site by any chance was it ? :pinch: No wonder the players are still traumatised :blink:

Sorry to disappoint but was just an innocent post about the next manager of Ipswich Town. (who isn’t going to be Jimmy Savile or any other dodgy peado)