Is this man a biker ?

This has been going on for years now and as mentioned in the article, it is thought he may use a bike due to his clothing described by some of his victims.

Huge reward as well … though I think everyone would more than happily give info for nothing if they thought someone was involved in this.

He tends to wear balaclavas, all-in-one outfits similar to a motorcyclist and at times a hooded top.

All in one? Do they mean a wetsuit or a boilersuit? The difference would be obvious to a victim I guess. Either a biker or a plasterer then???

Either way, whoever it is, they need a good kickin.

Yadda yadda yadda lowering myself etc, but they would never do it again that’s for sure!

So sick of all the psychos out there!

Praps that thing about sex with older women is true???

now where’s my balaclava & hoody…

dont tempt me si…i could do with the money…lol