Is this Legit? - carbon bodywork very cheap plus race fairings...

Does anyone know if these peope are legit? The carbon stuff is very cheap compared to here and the full bodywork with camel colours also?

I’d love to get a complete bodykit for commuting witht he bike and this price looks ok but has anyone used these people before? What do you reckon should I go for it?

any thought s on a postcard


They have 100% feedback, and if you look through their history the transactions seem legit. Be aware that you will probably be stung with import duties though!

Do they do other paintjobs? Camel on a Suzuki???

Lok ok te me… feedback good with plenty of UK ebayers saying how good they are.

I suppose in Slovenia the average hourly rate is about 28p — hence the cheap prices.

it is easy to get your mates to place good feedback!.. check the feedback writers feedback and how much else they have bought…the choice is yours

tis a bit weird they have camel for a GSXR lol - good idea looking at the feedback for the buyers I’ll go and check some of them as well. Front fender is £40 so thats worth a punt in the first instance

hmm good point there do you know where I could get the paint done at all? I think yuor a racer so maybe you have some good contacts?

cheers in advance