Is this legal

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Fake license really?

Nope by the sounds of it.

Funniest thing this person is so stupid they covered the DL number but left the name, pass date and CBT cert number. Will take the DSA as long to catch him as it takes to hit search on the results screen. Haha

That’s all we need a load of untrained motorcyclists on the road too

Legal is a subjective and questionable term in respect of what is being offered.

Nobody can guarantee a test pass unless someone is being paid a back hander.  This offer smacks of just that in which case, very illegal.

You can guarantee a CBT pass, because that is not a test, but the practical test?  I was instructing for 35 years, and I could never guarantee a pass because it all comes down to what they do on the day in front of the examiner.

There are some very good riders who just went to pieces during the test and there were those who I seriously qestioned whether they should even be on the road who somehow fluked it on the day.

I would be tempted to pass this guys details onto the DSA for further investigation.

Sounds like he has a lost dsa pass cert book in hand

Haha he will even do your theory test for 50.
His fake full bike test is cheaper than any 5 day course I’ve seen anywhere.
£425. Bargain!