Is this helmet ok?

@asoe, I’m excited for you dude. It’s been really cool to see you come on here and go from pre-CBT, to CBT, to getting all the gear ready, and then you’ll get your bike! SWEET!!!

I have a HJC, I don’t find it too noisy, but I have quite thick hair covering my ears inside my lid anyway. Also, someone told me that going at 50mph for 1-2hrs is equivalent to the maximum noise your ears can take in a day. Is that right? Ear plugs.

Like everything you get now, you’ll move on from it eventually, and you’ll end up with a £600 Shoei :w00t: or something eventually.

I always wear earplugs (except when I forget to put them back in after fuelling up.

Not exactly a scientific test but if the guys at work were making as much noise drilling as my Nolan helmet makes at 60mph + I’d expect them to wear earplugs.

got any recommendation regarding ear plugs?

There was a thread earlier this year about custom fitting ear plugs if that’s what you’re after…

K, went with those zen earplugs from that thread, red ones for 20 quid incl. delivery. Shall see how they work out.


I have very rigorous requirements - I only use the ones I can get free from work :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer disposable foam ones anyway: I can carry a spare pair, chuck 'em when they get dirty and it doesn’t matter when I drop one down the front of the fairing. I got a little keyring tube thing to hold them in which helps remind me to put them in.