Is this for real?

“MOTORCYCLISTS are clocking up 6,000 road accidents every DAY”

"An astonishing 1 IN 8 bikers - 182,000 - has been involved in a crash in the past month alone. "

“12 per cent of motorcyclists drive while over the drink limit”

"One in ten admits to driving with NO LIGHTS at night and the same proportion jumps red lights. "

“And a fifth of those riding large-engine bikes are only licensed to ride small bikes and mopeds”

That’s a hell of a lot if it is right. Worring aswell.

Sounds like BS statistics to me.

What about the amount of car drivers who change lanes without doing a shoulder check?
I’m sure that’s in the region of 80% at the least.

"Despite this, 12 per cent of motorcyclists drive while over the drink limit"
Funny because in the 3 years I’ve been riding I’ve never seen a motorcyclist struggling with balance or keeping a straight line (Apart from one guy on a ZX14 at Vauxhall).
I honestly cant say the same about car drivers on a Friday or Saturday night.

It is impossible take this seriously becasue -

  1. it is in the NOTW.

  2. Nothing about who has done this study

  3. Nothing about the methodology

  4. It is full of incompletely explained “facts” like “Despite this, 12 per cent of motorcyclists drive while over the drink limit”. How do they know? Did they ask them? How did they get a random sample?

The article is obvilously c0ck as it is coming from a tabloid peddler of lies and disinformation.What’s interesting is that this is the third anti-biker article appearing in the mainstream press in recent months.

Are we being lined up as the next ‘anti-social menace’ destined for the same treatment as people who liked to have a ciggie with their pint, or chase after foxes on a horse?Some motorcyclists yesterday . . .

"An astonishing 1 IN 8 bikers - 182,000 - has been involved in a crash in the past month alone. "

so, if I have got 7 biking mates, one of us in our group crashes each month. Jeez some of us really useless arent we?

News of the world. haha, what a bunch of dopey pr1cks. Pity the poor sods who buy this sh1te. They are ones supporting the brainboxes who write this crap.

Love the Betrand Russell line Bricking It - class! :cool:

‘The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent full of self doubt’ -Bertrand Russell.’

"Bike’s offer little protection’’

No ****, hence the use of protective gear!

Its all Bull crap stats’ fed to the papers to make people steer clear and dislike motorcyclists!
Yet, the government are trying to ENCOURATE people do become motorcyclists!
They ease conjection, better for the environment, cheaper to run…

‘‘One in ten admits to driving with NO LIGHTS at night and the same proportion jumps red lights’’
Again, in my opinion, rubbish.
With a load of bikes, they ahve DRL’s so it is impossable to no use lights unless you ride an older bike, does anyone here ride with out lights?
I know a lot of motorcyclists, none of which run red lights.

‘‘Nine per cent of bikers admit to speeding at more than 10mph over the limit.’’
Compaired to what percentage of car drivers?

So, they’ve asked a tiny proportion of bikers, who they’ve cornered in the post office, a bunch of questions levelled at how incompetent and stupid bikers obviously are, and then they role out the statistics bandwagon and make out that it applies to every biker out there! :satisfied:

WHAT A LOAD OF ********!! :stuck_out_tongue:

According to those statistics we all know quite a few fellow bikers who ride whilst over the limit, run through red lights, crash on a regular basis and don’t bother with lights at night… :doze:

Personally I can’t say I know anybody who fits that criteria! :wink:

So, looks like another sensationalist article by the News of the World… :hehe:

Coincidently, it’s the only paper that you can’t wipe your backside with, due to the fact that you would end up with more sh!t than you started with! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

LOOL Have you ever in your life seen a bike riding at night without lights??? LOOOOL lights on my R1 dont turn OFF In 23 years of riding bikes i have crashed twice, once at Brands Hatch and the other trying to keep up with Afro :stuck_out_tongue:

they must have really meant cyclists right?

or those scooter chavs, I have seen them riding with no lights, and with cans in their hands.

Actually, it sounds about right to me I always run red lights at night with my lights off when I’m trying to get home while p*ssed. And yes, I’ve had 56 accidents so far ** this** month, I have to keep them quiet though as I have no insurance nor licence. Can anyone tell me what an MOT or Road fund licence is please.

BTW that was me and my brothers and sisters in the Walton on Thames utube vid, not only that it was dad in the white car chasing us.

I’m selling my story to the NoTW, so don’t any of you lot go dissing me.


It does look as though there is an increasing backlash against the recent resurgence in popularity of motorcycling. Recent correspondence with a politician involved with transport sort of confirmed this to me- couldn’t believe the prejudice expressed there. Maybe they’re all just jealous? :).

What surprised me most was some of the comments, there is a lot of hatred going on there…

I checked a nice document that I have, the Official report on road accidents, and motorcyclist (all severities of accidents) account for, wait for it:

22,143 of 258,404

That is 60.67 accidents per day of all recorded incidents involving a motorcycle from a 50cc moped up, and regardless of the severity, if any of any injuries.

Typical NOTW reporting, pluck some bullshit of the air, and then apologise afterwards if some threatens them with legal action.

Love and hate are closely intertwined - we represent sex and danger in their repressed and inhibited safety conscious minds - secretly they would like to rip our leathers off and roger/be rogered by us.

Because they can’t admit their lust (even to themselves) these powerful emotions become twisted into corrosive hatred.

So more bikers ride while drunk than speed? What a load of b0llox

Tosh is the word used to describe this rubbish.

Did you read this quote…and I quote:

**Steve Kenward, head of the Motorcycle Industry Association, said: "There are simply far too many people dying in accidents on the roads.

“The motorcycle community will continue to work hard to improve safety.”**

Methinks this Sophie Ridge interviewed this fellow who took the time to respond and she took the horns and tail of the story and threw away the carcass. :crazy:

Well I’ve almost been one of those 1 in 8 statistics since this year alone I’ve almost been taken out by cars emerging from junctions without looking…thank God ABS brakes. One of those incidents stopping 2" from their bonnet, slowing from 50mph to 0mph in under 12m, I actually thought I was going to have to drop the bike.

Why didn’t they just ask London bikers to do a survey. We should launch our own survey and post the link in the comments box.




NOTW has always been garbage, they also reckon elvis lives and there is a double decker bus on the moon, oh and the would is run by aliens disguised as humans…:laugh::laugh::laugh: