Is this an LB record?..

I crashed my 2011 Blade tonight after only 6 days of ownership!! :crying:

Left the Ace at about 7:30 and lowsided at the traffic lights down the end! Shhhhhh, i dont think anyone saw… :blush:

Still rides so not sooooo bad - but it is dark so i cant really see. I do know that i had to nurse it home in 1st gear with no rearset due to both gear lever and footpeg being absent… :ermm:

Least i’m not hurt I suppose - well, is heartache a medical condition!?

my deepest sympathies… that is bad luck!! New tyres I guess…

Nuts dude, bad times but hope not too bad in the morning

OUCH hope its not to bad,

I feel your pain.

No injurys and you can fix the bike!

I suspect tyres too… cold, bit frosty maybe. Without trying to sound like im amazing and it wasn’t my fault… it was… but the OEM tyres are rubbish and I was already planning on replacing them. Should have sorted this sooner.

I’d done 550 miles on them so…

Oh man, sorry to hear that!!

Glad your ok!

Sorry to hear this . . . I did exactly the same thing. I wrote off my Daytona 600 6 days after buying it on my first LB ride out.

Sorry to hear that, hope you are not hurt this morning and hopefully the bike won’t look as bad either.

you need a cuddle :ermm:

Damn man. Thats harsh luck. THe roads were very frosty yesterday too:w00t:

Whoopsie daisy ya great numbpty!:pinch:

A combination of Tony Blair tyres (teflon coated), greasy, salted, and cold icy road surface, and a slight sprinkling of inattentiveness I should think!:blush:

Don’t worry about it too much, it’s surprisingly easy to do, even for the best of us. Good job you were’nt going some speed on a busy carraigeway, then we would be scraping you up with a shovel!:w00t:

Sorry bout the Blade, should be an easy repair.:slight_smile:

We see you as we was on the way to Ace You was on the dog & Bone Jimbo 1 and Myself Sorry to here your news

Whoops atleast you got some riding out of the bike first, a guy I met last night at the ace bought his r6 and drop it the same
Day on his drive making a mess of his panels

Sorry about the crash but 6 days?..not even close mate! Try 2 crashes on first your day :w00t:

Had a scooter delivered to a CBT centre (late 90s) - spent the day knocking over cones - somehow I still passed - then crashed twice on the way home from the test center :crazy:

First one I hit a curb and flipped the bike whilst I did a full on “superman” followed by a very credible triple salco (was younger then) - second crash was a bit tame in comparison - I just drove into a wall (numpty) and fell off the back.

Mate sorry to hear - but look at it this way - they all get dropped or crashed eventually - you just dropped yours a lot earlier than you expected - now you’ve ‘christened’ it you’ll probably enjoy the bike a lot more in the future as you have already passed through the will I drop it/scratch it/crash it hang up.

Bummer, bad news, but at leat you wont feel so bad if you bin it when attempting to wheelie now :smiley:


The moment I first scratched mine I stopped trying to keep it in bubblewrap and enjoyed it by throwing it in bushes, on gravel… I liked it so much I even got a random cyclist to throw it on the floor for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

But still, sorry to hear about your off… hope there is no permanent or expensive damage! :slight_smile:

I agree the standard bt-015 where rubbish in cool conditions. Nearly high sided after a few times but could be the massive midrange. I now have the pilot power 2ct front and pilot road 2 rear and there great.

Dropping a new bike is entirely normal and - I would argue - essential. It’s all about getting to know the full new set of variables that your new bike presents, and, as NJ says, getting beyond the “will I/won’t I drop it” stress barrier.

Now you can call your bike, truly yours :cool:

Glad you’re ok :slight_smile: