Is this a seized calliper?

Street Triple. Rode fine today (long ride). Them went to lube the chain and the back wheel is not moving freely. Problem? Thanks!

I’d take the caliper off and check

Thanks, but I don’t know how to do that…
The question is more - is this ok to ride for now or does it need to go and see someone less inept?

Sounds like it’s not turning freely and the pads are binding. Left as is, you will damage the pads and or the disk making it expensive to fix.

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ok, so fair to say ok to ride for a week or so but should be fixed to save the pads/disk? thanks

You could ride like that for a week, but why would you? The brakes are effectively on all the time, you’re going to wear out the pads/disc at best and at worst might have an accident. I would not ride it until it’s fixed. If you’re not confident enough to investigate and repair it yourself (probably just needs the caliper taking off, pads out, thoroughly cleaning and then lubricating the pins/back of pads - though I’m no mechanic) then take it to a friend who does or to a garage.

Honestly, it’s not worth damaging your bike, or risking an accident over.

I’d get a screwdriver between the tops of the pads and prise them apart to stop it rubbing, then head straight for a mechanic. Carefully.

Aside from the above, having your brake on all the time will make the bike handle awful. And with the friction build up you could boil the brake fluid.

common problem, on quite a few triumph models
remove the caliper & free up the sliding pins, clean the piston and squeeze it back

I usually have to service the caliper on my Triger every other week, I’m so used to it now I can do it in 15mins

Check the wheel bearings .
Grab the wheel at 12 0 clock & 6 0clock position and see if there is any sideways movement ( from left to right of the bike )

As that wheel seems to wobble when you grab it and turn …

Thanks all.

Got sorted this morning. Piston was stuck up. They said at the garage it was very common on BMWs but not (to their knowledge) on Triumphs.

I’ll read up on the process to have a go if there is a next time, as suggested.