Is this a phone scam?

I received a phone call at 1:51 pm today, Thursday 4th December 2015, from 0018598170559. The caller told me he was ringing on behalf of Talk Talk to help me sort out my router problems. He specifically asked me to switch on my computer so that he could check my internet speed. I hung up and reported to Talk Talk via email.

Is this a scam, if yes how would it work?

in checking your internet speed he’d give you a link to access. Once you’ve done that he has control of your computer, similar to how you never click links in junk emails…

Yep; bit like the “I’m phoning from Windows” phone calls. he’d probably say the Internet speed is to slow and this is how you fix it; just download this program and run it and that would probably compromise your computer.

Oh lummy, he only got as far as asking me to turn on the PC and I hung up

You are not alone…

Scam. Later they tell that your PC is infected, causing slow down for other internet users so they’ll happily assist you and get rid of all the viruses and at the end they ask for card details to pay for their service. At least that’s how my 83yo neighbour got scammed.

They tried in on with my mum
She knew there was something wrong
She doesn’t have a computer
She doesn’t have Internet

They obviously got the details from latest Talk talk fiasco. Personally I think talk talk should be liable is someone gets scammed (although it’s never going to happen). I still can’t get my head around the fact that some big companies keep their data unencrypted.

LOL @ Wise :smiley:

usually, i can spot them within the first couple of seconds as they start with ‘hello, i’m such and such, how are you today?’. only cold callers start conversations like that.

The last PPI call i had they asked if i had PPI and i went along with it, i asked them to hold the line whilst i looked for my Loan details that i had PPI on, I left the phone on my Desk and carried on with my work, it took him 15 Mins before he hung up :slight_smile:

I’ve started saying I’m the London office of PPI claims services and then ask them for their bank details so I can put their claim forward, it really confuses them.

haven’t read all the replies but this is a MASSIVE scam mate! they would have ended up finding an “issue” and needing to remote onto your PC where they would harvest details (logons, CC/DC details etc).

be meg careful if you’re a talk talk client as i’m sure you’re aware of what happened.

They tried it on my mum in Australia (albeit the Windows version).
I bought her a Mac to avoid these situations.
She still fell for it and ended up typing in the URL he gave her but because she was on a Mac nothing happened.

When she told me I asked her why she did what he said and her reply was ‘oh he had a nice voice, I couldn’t believe he was lying to me’.
I still worry about her being cheated by nefarious scammers but hopefully she is educated enough now to avoid them.

Gone are the days when I used to tell people like this to phone back on 230 1212 and ask for ‘Old Bill’.

We had one guy repeatedly try the ‘windows’ version (both me and my wife have computer science degree’s - so it wasn’t going to work) - being polite didn’t work, being rude didn’t work - ended up getting a phone which blocks various types of phone calls. It’s not like the phone call costs them much either,as they use VoIP for the majority of it.

Its a scam, Talk Talk are acting on the information I sent them

I had to Google CLI, what happened to the campaign for plain English

I like keeping them on the phone for as long as possible before they realise I’m taking the mickey :slight_smile:
Reason being they’ll have less time to scam someone who doesn’t know what’s happening.
Even better when they get upset and then you can really insult them!

Me too. I find throwing in titbits like ‘My grandson normally looks after these things, but he’s away travelling at the moment…’ and ‘I don’t really use my PC much, mostly just for that online banking malarkey…’ keeps them hooked whilst you waffle on about the weather, biscuits, dogs & how Werthers Originals aren’t as good as they used to be…

Haha, Werthers, classic.