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Is third Party Only Insurance Worth It?


Can you recommend a firm that will represent you and fight to reduce motoring offences such as getting a speed awareness course rather than points?

Might be good to keep it in the back pocket for whenever needed.


@eezie You cannot contest whether a case is dealt with by a fixed penalty, court appearance or a driver awareness course. The copper puts the report in and someone higher up the chain decides on the appropriate action.

So if you get done for speeding and you receive a summons or a fixed penalty, you cannot contest it and say you would rather have an awareness course, it is at the discretion of the system and there are various criteria as to which offences are deemed suitable for the course and then it has to be within certain parameters.

For more serious offences I can put you in touch with someone who does specialise in the more serious road traffic cases.

For the minor matters, if it goes to court, you are better off using the duty solicitor

Thanks TC. Would appreciate knowing someone.