Is there something in my teeth?

Have you seen the video? It’s impressive how well he and his companion rider dealt with it, i.e they didn’t freak the **** out :w00t:

?? what happend

VEGITARIAN. That’s not the way it’s done son! :smiley:

he fell over:D

i wish i didn’t see this

for anyone else that hasnt seen it

why the **** at they so calm about it, i’m shitting myself at the moment

Just depends on if u have a fuse or not. Some people fekkin’ flip when they have an off and some people stay very, very calm. Even when I came off once on my own, own fault, etc, I fekkin went nuts!

Notleast when the silly fag face bitch **** knocked me off and broke my leg, i hopped half way down the ******* road over to her car shouting

“i’ll rip your throat out you stupid bitch!”…

Luckily this person wasn’t like me… and stayed calm… I would have freaked out!

If someone knocked me off, I would go nuts, but I’nm calm on my own errors. I don’t think he coulda gon beserk with a tree stuck to his face tho :hehe::blink:

its the reality of what most of us do every day… and why your mother/wife worries every time you go out on the bike.

grizzly tho, bark mouth innit? :blink:

It’s not that bad! what mother would turn her back on that???!??!?!?!:hehe::cool::w00t:;):D:)

“I can’t ride”…er wtf not? Drama queen. Can tell he’s never spent a Friday night down the Fantasy night club :smiley:

he could keep it in and fasion a smoking pipe out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch! I can’t believe they are just sat there deciding whether to ride back or go and get the truck.

You have a f***ing tree stuck through your f***ing face!!! Phone an ambulance!

That will hurt like a bitch when the adrenaline wears off…

frikkin open face frikkin helmets!

my thought exactly!

Whats the use in panicking?. Makes everything worse, reduces options, doesn’t allow clear thought. This highlights the difference between males and females. Males solve problems (or try to :P), females emotionalise/sympathise, panic or start an argument (if there partner is involved in anyway)

They sound Canadian to me.

Open face, no open face, it’s a freak accident. Rather have a breeze in that heat than be hot in case that did happen to me.

Careful now, could set off a few fuses amongst the women on LB…

Been there done that :stuck_out_tongue:

A man and a woman get a headache. Man wonders off in search of aspirin, the woman sits there and debates how the headache is making her feel.

And men are the weird sex?? :w00t:

No offence intended LB ladies xx