Is there a vet / vet nurse on LB?

Does the wide expertise of LB include a vet or vet nurse? We may need some impartial advice in the near future. Please PM if you are able to help. Many thanks


I wouldn’t trust them, probably just want to borrow your uniform.

My sister’s a vet, so give us a shout if you need to:)

Thanks Hels, PM sent:)

@ Kaos - cheeky git, we hadn’t even thought about it (but obviously Chris is now you’ve mentioned it)

whats wrong with Nina? :frowning:

or is that for mr J? :smiley:

if its for mr J , who was that vet who used their mobile phone as a torch …:stuck_out_tongue:

yes you have worms, no there isn’t any hope for you

Right Mr J…touch your toes, let’s see what we have here :sick:

Okay - great - got the PM and have just now e mailed my sister. Will let you know if she is free for a chat.


Hels X

Errm… What’s the prob? You forgot where I work? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and my lil sis is training to be a vet nurse so may also b able to help

Thanks everyone for the PMs.

We have followed up all your suggestions of people who may help. It really was worth asking LB - thanks again:kiss:

No problem…but any ammo you use, needs to be replaced :wink: