Is the seating area outside Coffee shops the new hangout for nutters?

Now i’m in the Coffee game I’m addicted - I have to have an Espresso based coffee in the morning and when I’m out and about it’s Pret, Caffe Nero or Costas ( or a good indie if they don’t sell Lavazza or Illy ( :sick: ) as for [email protected] I’d rather die of thirst…

Anyway when Art and I were nippers and made our own entertainment playing shove ha’penny with Whippets heads ( before Channel 4 was about ) the traditional lair of the nutter was on the top deck of buses.

They would sit there in a filthy mackintosh with a scarf on (even on a boiling summers day ) with bottle bottom glasses (dunno why), muttering to themselves, laughing out loud for some reason or having an imaginary conversation with Robert Mitchum…

Now you are sitting outside said coffee shop and they there they are!

Yesterday fer instance. Enjoying my Latte when I spotted a bloke, late 20’s woolen cap pulled down over ears (might be just a trendy stockbroker on a day off?) Stubble (fashionable five a clock shadow?) creased trackie bottoms and filthy old trainers ( er could be a millionaire out for a jog??))

Suddenly he bursts out “CHELSEA! Chelsea are the ones” …whoops nutter radar wakes up (might be ok though…)

Then he pulls his chair closer to 3 middle aged women who are talking tennis “Yer!” he says to them "Andy Murray is awright! "

“Er” says one of the women “Yes, yes he is” Then goes back to talking to her mates thinking nutter (for it is he) will shut up…but no

By now my nutter radar has picked up and locked on to a definite target.

“Yer” he continues , ignoring the fact that the women have continued talking and turned away… “I’ve been busy so I couldn’t watch him recently (whoops he’s jumped to telling them about his personal life - nutter radar has primed and armed the Anti Nutter Missiles) " Yer I was in hospital because the fecking police they bla blah blah”

I’m out of there - takeaway cup in hand ( always order a takeaaway cup for these exact situations ) I’ve suffered enough of these cnuts spoiling my quiet bit of contemplation thank you very much.

Of course the mentally ill are a problem and I feel desperately sorry for their plight - care in the community and that - but there are limits and what can I do ? Adopt him?

Offer him LB membership? At least he’d feel at home here.

Unless it WAS an LB member, doesn’t sound dissimilar to Rixxy on his day off.

I’ve said for a long time, closing the asylums and letting all the crazies into the community has caused a lot more harm.

I’m all for equality but when people can’t function in a normal society, perhaps it’s time for them to be looked after instead?

I spend an inordinate amount of time hanging round coffee shops and I’ve not seen that. Maybe it’s just you?

maybe you’re the weirdo?

nah, cant have been Rixxy.

he was shouting ‘CHELSEA’ not ‘NORWICH’.


Even the nutters don’t shout for Naaaridge :smiley:

I remember that bus ride too Ross

Today’s nutters are a very different bunch, self inflicted nutters that have frazzled their brains with too many drugs

Yep that must be right - look around for any nutters and if there are non there… It’s YOU! :smiley:

Or me in this case…

More concerned the fact he runs his own coffee b usiness and pays the opposition !!:-D;-)

Ha! :smiley:

Checking out the opposition!