Is the heat making everyone stupid?

That ain’t on chick! that bloody dangerous. Central London is a nightmere commute. But I do enjoy the ride home when I play tag with other bikers.

Aren’t all people in cars like sheep, following each other then one does something random.

It’s a scientific fact that, when passing through glass panels such as those used as windshields, UVA rays act as a blocker of neurotransmitters. The higher the UVA levels, the stronger the effect. Thus, this prevents important messages being sent to and from the brain ergo, rendering the individual to a drooling zombie state, incapable of operating even the most rudimentary of tools, but apparently with the exception of a car.

1+ I like being lonely at the traffic lights!

Yes, heat is making people stupid. Careful today as it is warmer and people will be extra stupid. I’m in kevlar jeans and mesh summer jacket, short gloves and my goretex boots. Job jobbed.

I know! All I’ve done for months is commute to and from work and it’s not even a long trip, so no roads to go over 30 mph.

It’s starting to bring me down, I need to go on a little ride soon to get the happy bike feeling back, still on a 125 though so I get limited choice ha

The heat defeated me yesterday, had to put my lovely new Dainese leather jacket in the cupboard and pull out the light cool textile jacket, ahhh how nice the breeze is, such relief ha

Wuss! :wink:

I’ve done the same.

Ya’ll need to chill with this “heat wave” :D:D

She righteously recites her speech, until shirtless super sports nobber runs her down dead, no moving on from that ha