Is the heat making everyone stupid?

So the traffic is backed up all the way down Kings Ave, the whole way up to Streatham High Road and all down Streatham High Road heading south.

It’s bloody hot, especially if you’re actually wearing the proper gear, which I am. (Tomorrow I return to textiles, I nearly roasted to death in my leather jacket today ha!)

But nonetheless, stay calm, progress through the traffic safely and all that.

I’m sitting at a set of lights to go right onto Streatham High Road, there’s a truck in front of me covering the cycle box and halfway out into the junction.

Some massive ****** pulls up behind me on his bike, wearing a pair of shorts and a high vis vest, nothing else, chest/arms completely naked. He’s revving at me because he wants me to move so he can take off before me or run the red light, i’m not too sure. The traffic was backed up badly the whole way across the junction so he wasn’t getting anywhere quicker than I was. I eventually moved and let the moron proceed towards his not too distant bleeding to death adventure somewhere up the road.

Then to top the afternoon off, I’m turning left at the Odeon on Streatham high road and some other dick biker comes flying past me on my right and clips my handle bar, knocking me off balance. He is of course, wearing a tshirt and his organ donor girlfriend on the back is in a summer dress. Waves at me with a little friendly “aww yeah sorry about that mate, **** happens” Yeah if you have zero observational skills and ride with no consideration for anyone else around you.

Seriously, bring back winter! I preferred it! The roads were so much safer in freezing pouring rain when all these “super cool” motorcyclists were tucked safely away in tube stations and buses where they belong.

It is silly as a bum full of smarties out there.

A perfect, eloquent summary ha

I hate seeing people in shorts t-shirt combo doing a commute. I stupidy went to the shops the other day in shorts and t-shirt on the bike and I hated it, couldn’t ride properly as I was so tense, will never do it again!! I’d rather be sweaty than covered in road rash!

You may have been sweating your proverbials off, but I bet you looked good - if a tad warm - and felt smugly well protected in comparison?

To answer your question in one succinct word, yes! Apparently, it’s a medical fact that above 27c bare skin has kevlar like properties and hi viz make you invincible.

I may have had one better than your encounters with total dickheads: I had large amounts of what I really hope was water thrown at my visor by a fat, ugly fek sat in an oncoming pikey van in what I can only assume was an attempt to temporarily blind me and take me off the bike.


(It’s also the season for ranting as well, so it seems).

It is a line from ‘Kenny’:

If you haven’t seen it, check it out- one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen.

Oh yeah I look damn good in this jacket ha

Ugh that’s disgusting! Glad you’re ok, fucking scumbags man.

Oh yeah, heat = RANT.

If I’m not wearing the right gear I all of a sudden feel like I can’t ride, strange.

I haven’t seen it! Shame on me, I will download.

Yep mad people out there, I had a guy throw his fag butt at me yesterday.
Turned round saw me, got his friend to have a ogle, full body turn fag butt launched.

Isn’t this really why motorcycle gloves have reinforced knuckles?

It is, but a car full of very large Eastern European guys, and little me.
Not a good mix!

LOL- probably a wise decision. :wink:

Where it was? A40? Silver audi?

Argyle Road bridge going over A40, it was a dark green Vauxhall Passat I think.

Nowt to do with the heat, people are just stupid*

*Apart from LB’ers, you lot are cool and a mine of knowledge :smiley:

Last week I had someone in a car at elephant and castle roundabout, edge forward and, deliberately it seems, bump me. Luckily I managed to control the bike and stay upright. When I turned round to look, he was laughing. I then made a suitable gesture and he tried to follow me, but I lost him in the bus lane.:crazy:

This is why City commuter riding doesn’t really do it for me at all, it’s a necessity, not a joy. Am thinking back longingly to my holiday on miles of empty Scottish highland roads when the only things acting randomly and without reason were sheep …

Worst one so far for me was when idiot after small argument try to hit me with his small renault kangoo and then throw empty glass bottle at me. Wasn’t so brave when he gets stuck at traffic and notice chain with huge padlock in my hand.

I seriously can’t deal with these peds. I wish it was winter too. When all the fair weather riders are out the way, there’s a good percentage of motorbikes on my commute which is much better.

where do you find all these wackos? sarf london? my commute is a ride in the park compared to this…