Is the grapevine broken?

Me, Lew and Shane rode to Stonehenge today to see some crappy rocks and stones someone had left there, and we were stopped at the services on the way back, when we bumped into some bikers who had been part of a 20,000 strong group who’d gathered at Brighton today. We were as surprised as anyone to hear this, as there’d been nothing posted on LB, they were laughing their arses off at us for missing it :w00t::w00t:

That would explain the hundreds of bikers I saw going the other way on the M23/A23 on my way home…

It felt like a jizzstream ride out today.

we got lost, a few times (i werent leading!!!) took the weirdest longest route we could via stockport and ending up at a pile of stones! :w00t:

Why would anyone pay £7 to stand the other side of the wire see through fence? M.U.G.S.

Anyway, good day Smiled, enjoyed the compnay, but what a disaapointment missing the day at Brighton, apparently there were loads of bikes…

pmsl! :D:D:D

I was ment to go but as i cant ride i didnt :frowning:

oh you mean the annual brightona event

I thought everyone knew Brightona was this weekend every year. Jackie and I planned to go but Nerg Nail stopped me. It is a bit of a Harley fest but you see all sorts of bikes there.

well i did nt miss it:D


I spoke to my mate scotty who is friends with you mel on FB, he mentioned it and I text lewis(sexy bitch) and the fuge packer didn’t text back.

Looked on FB and saw your message too late sadly.

I went past there on Tuesday. Stonehenge is **** but Summer Solstice you can touch the stones and really see how big the blinkers really are. I’ve got some pics somewhere of Summer Solstice 2009 with my ex. I think I was the only person there not drunk or dropping pills. Surrounded by Hippies wearing a Royal Marine hoody, not the best of ideas:D

U wally, I stuck that on FB days ago! Stupid phone…

U missed a good giggle mate!

We need to go at this time of the year…


Mmmmm, you can smell the dreadlocks from here…

and **** and weed.:slight_smile: