Is RadicalSpeed Still In Business/


Does anyone know what has happened to RadicalSpeed? Are they still in business.

Two weeks ago, I placed an order via the site, ( and paid for it with Paypal,
and 14 days hence I have not heard one word from them.

No phone number is listed on the site, I sent emails to the [email protected] and [email protected] - and no replies.

I did a WHOIS lookup on the domain, and I emailed the contacts listed - and no replies.

I called the phone number listed on the WHOIS resultsl, and the number no longer belongs to RadicalSpeed.
The guy who answered gave me another number and when I dialed it, I got an answering machine for “GREG”.

Thanks in advance for any information

John J
San Francisco

That is one poorly designed website. I wouldn’t have ordered from them on the that basis alone.

I suggest you start a claim with PayPal.

I’m with Kev on this one, I think you have been stitched up mate…

I’m not the worlds best web designer but I could certainly build something better than that in about an hour.

as kev says claim your money back now.