Is my Profile Picture up...

Just wondered… i have uploaded a photo but in my screen when i post a msg it doesnt come up… is it visable to everybody else.


Afraid not :slight_smile:

i can see ur profile pic , but u havent got an avatar

Ok Whats an Avator though!

Change it here

The avatar is the image that shows in the left hand box whenever you post a comment, it’s just an image file but smaller (physical and file size) so you can use whatever you want for it, upload it via the control panel as you did your profile pic. :slight_smile:

Thank you People!!!

Well done, now get back to counting those bricks!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol This sites Distracting… Chatting to people whop love bikes lol!! Behing this desk of mine theres a boy who loves to open the throttle up!!! lol!!!