Is my blood stone cold or what

Made a very big decision the weekend and bought some muffs to try and keep my hands from hurting, by the time I get to work they are agony. I hate the things but loads said to take the plunge and buy them for safety etc.

I know it’s very cold but tried 'em out lunchtime (working from home today) and even with the muffs, good quality winter gloves and heated grips my hands still got cold.

Granted I was whizzing along at 60 at times which I wanted be doing on my 15mile commute but even so I was disappointed, better I grant you but not good enough.

Does this mean heated gloves are the only answer, they’re so expensive.

Anyone use them?

Core body temp is the key here if your hands are still getting cold. Add another wollen jumper underneath your jacket and a balaclava for your head and that will help a lot.

The body thinks that hands and feet are expendable over the heart and the brain, so if they are getting cold it will divert heat from your hands. Keep the heart and brain warm and the hands will surely follow :slight_smile:

Just as Ian says it’s your core temp that’s making your hands cold. Shops do cheap heated clothing that might help too - Maplins were doing a battery powered heated waistcoat for £20.

Bear Grylls? Is that you?

I wore two thermal vests, a thin fleece, a thick fleece, jacket with lining, long johns, two pairs of socks, balaclava…everything pretty warm but for my hands.


Get yourself some Ready Brek:D

Don’t eat the stuff, fill your mitts up with it:D:D

well it could be bad circulation in the hands…

is your left as cold as your right? :hehe: :w00t:

Not sure, anyway, as is usual with heated grips the left doesn’t get as hot.

I got heated gloves for £60 which is totally worth it because they are great. I needed new Winter gloves anyway and a decent pair would have been about the same. I tried Spada force 2 wp gloves and my fingertips were still freezing. I do have bad circulation - my hands and feet are always cold, even in the car! But there isn’t much you can do about that unless you smoke, have high cholesterol, untreated high blood pressure or dont ever do any exercise. I would recommend Klan heated gloves. Just remember to switch them off a while before parking up if you’re battery is crap. I have needed a few bump starts since using them!

These Klan jobbies are heated liners right, rather than winter gloves? does the heat go to the thumb as well as to the fingers? Ta

I do know that some heated gloves only do the palm and not the fingers.

There’s nothing you can do about Raynaud’s Syndrome, which you obviously suffer from as I do. It’s awful trying to keep warm in this weather but I refuse to give up… thermals, frequent stops to ‘windmill your arms’ ie force the blood back into your hands, my fingers go black it’s really painful… forget the muffs they are not going to change anything sadly… just hang in there and take Ginkgo Biloba for circulation. Good luck Q

Cheers Quiller, I reckon you could well be right.

Such is life eh!

Lets hope the warmer weather is just around the corner.

Have you tried on Gerbings heated gloves? I tried a pair in a shop yesterday and they have the elements down the back of the fingers, ok i WAS in the shop but lovely and toasty. Bout £130 mind.:slight_smile:

Yes. Bite the bullet, make the investment and never have cold hands again. And while you’re at it get the heated waistcoat and never be cold at all … ever. Will last for years and all for less than the cost of a new set of tyres.

Try sitting on you hands between bends:)

Works for me:P

i just stop when my fingers start to hurt bad, put them on the engine for 5 mins and off to go again.

i got mild frostbite a few days ago and the ends of my fingers cracked and all the skin is coming off!!

Sure its not 3rd degree burns!!!:D:D:D

Or leprosy:w00t:

Must admit i thought about the heated gloves, saw some on ebay for £70? but ive got heated grips on bike now and just bought some rukka gloves £110 that are supposed to be waterproof etc and they are warmer on the palms etc but tips of fingers get cold…ive got the thermal inner gloves but i cant really wear them !! i cant move my hands properly when i put the outer glove on as well, what with the heated grips on too, i cant feel the handlebar even !!

Tell what i did buy that i love? The Oxford Dry As a Bone boots…perfect and not one leak !! How many winter boots have i had that say they are waterproof and aint !! nothing worse than cold fingers is wet and soggy socks inside your boots…:wink:

Another good buy? someone on here a while ago put out that they bought one of those Trion-Z wristbands? you know, the magnetic jobbie?? Well if you get pain in your wrist or arm and its bugging you? then try one of these babies !! Honest…they work…for some unknown reason…and im no doctor i just know what works for me…but the magnets in them stop the aching and not only in the wrist but if you suffer back pain or whatever…i bought one ages ago and it just sat there, then i thought oh yeh, let me give this a try and then chuck it, as usual when you get something and dont know if it will work, and ive had it on for over a week now and i can honestly say, its working !! Maybe my “magnets” were low or summitt??? :D:P:D