Is my bike killing my heated grips?

Right bit of a weird one this but…

My bike stalls quite frequently when I pull the clutch in… it’s irritating and it means I have to re-start the bike 7-10 times on a commute :frowning:

But that’s not the issue (no one still has managed to figure out why it’s doing it, yet). The more immediate issue is that I just noticed that my Oxford Heated Grips (which I haven’t used in months) now don’t work. The blue 30% light will randomly come on when I haven’t pressed the On button and when I press it On I cannot move the heat up or down and the grips don’t get hot.

Now normally I would have said that it’s the grips fault but last winter I had to change my R&G grips for pretty much the same reason

Both grips are plugged into the battery so could the constant changes in charge be causing my grips to fail?

theres a fuse between the grips and the battery so wouldnt the fuse just blow before any damage is done to the grips?

ps you can have my old oxford grips if you want :wink:

Is there? No idea…

Will have to double check but it will have to wait till I’m back from hols…