Is La Mans any good??

SO im thinking about going out there in august and going 2 days on track. Dont know alot about the track and was hoping you guys might know if its any good.

Its gunna cost a few quid to get everything out there and stay for a couple of nights so i want to make sure its worth it (around 700)

Let me know thoughts.

Bike in the back of a van, drive there and camp next to the circuit. Much cheaper than £700 you have antisipated.

Never ridden the track but walked round it many a time. Looks amazing and has plenty of tricky areas to deal with. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to ride it.

A mate of mine is going in a van with his track bike in the back.

Cheers PJ, hence my post on here, i was def tinking about driving down but was not sure if we could camp near by!

Cheers mate!

I am biking down to Le Man (stopping at normandy on the way) with a couple of mates. We are at a camp site in Sillie le phillip near le man between 9th and 13th and biking back on the 13th.

If your there between those days send me a message and ill PM you my no. The roads are good around there :slight_smile: