Is it worth getting an iPad

as the title says is it worth getting one of these.

Im on the hunt for a tablet and of course the ipad is in the list of a possible one to get.

reason for it is just to replace a laptop really, and quick web browsing, watching video ect.

I have a PC for all the big things thing that may need to be done at time but its a bit of a hassle to boot the f**ker up at times.

so really I just wanted to ask those of you that have an ipad or another tablet PC how they are and what sort of use you get out of them. are they worth the money and do they do the job?


I don’t use my tablet a lot, but love it when I go away and I can take TV shows and films with me.

Personally I would recommend a second hand Galaxy Tab 10.1.

i have a galaxy tab good bit of kit for browsing an excelent for taking up the crane
an catching up on movies .

The galaxy is prob the second choice.

If you after a smaller tablet then have a look at the Playbooks. I got a 64gb one for £230, and a friend got a 16gb for 160. Given the price I think they are a great little device. Mines had a hammering over the last two weeks.

I really like the play books but the size of them is whats stopping me getting that. 9+ inches i feel is best.

but i will take a look at it.

Do you have much trouble with a smaller screen?
and how do the apps fair up on them.

I’d say yes. I use my iPad a lot at home, saves having to have my laptop sitting on the sofa waiting to be knocked off or drink spilt on it. I know having a laptop and tablet is an overkill to some, but seeing as my laptop is also my work machine its a nice differential between work and home life.

IPad is good however does all FLASH on it!!! Else great for what you want.

ipads are great, so easy to use.
however some of the other tabs are better for transferring files etc.

I’ve got an iPad2 that my girlfriend bought me for my last birthday & use it a lot mainly because it’s so handy, only real downside is the lack of a real keyboard & flash.

That said, I’d also consider the other tablet options if I was buying one for myself now.

i’ve not found the lack of a keyboard much of a problem. The only thing that stops me getting and Apple devices is the ridiculous prices. Added on top of that is the extortionate prices you pay to increase the storage.

Waste of money. Total piece of overpriced [email protected] and thats being polite. I’ve had every single iPad that has come out at one stage… Granted the screen on the new one is amazing but is it really worth the price? Bare in mind all the other manufacturers will probably have the same or a similar screen soon. I think HTC are already catching up, not 100% sure though.

They’re great. I could never understand all the fuss until my boss got me one for work. Internet and movies all the way. Ps you can get the casing that has a built it keyboard :slight_smile:

Depends what you are going to use for

You say it’s to replace your laptop! If all you do on you laptop is surf the net and the odd email that’s fine however an iPad is not a replacement for a laptop and some functionality is far inferior ( word processing / Excel / PowerPoint etc etc)

I have a 2 and find it invaluable but in very specific situations -

Email on the move - much better in the airport that trying to fire up the laptop or respond to long mails via my BB .

Books - much better than a kindle

Sales prestentions - all my PDF’s are loaded to it and they look great

Meeting notes - not quite as good as handwritten but the big advantage is you can email them straight out

General trave accessories - read books , listen to music, watch a movie and it tucks nicely into the seat pocked on the plane - just don’t forget it!

Thanks for all the comments

My mate is going to loan me his iPad so i can get a feel for it and see what sort of use I will even get out of it.