Is it wise to still be riding a bike at you age?

Saw the doctor this morning about another problem with the ulna nerve. (It’s a big nerve in the arm that runs from the little finger to the shoulder blade)

Now I didn’t ask her why she was not in school at her age, but after running the tests and me explaining that this was a (real) pain while riding the bike, she asked me that question.

As usual, the best I could manage was something feeble like “Yes” or “I think so”.

The correct resonse should have been…?

**** off! :w00t:

Did she try selling you a zimmer frame too with the check-up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I got asked by my bank if I wanted a financial review and advice. I replied why would I take financial advice from a bank that was struggling, merged with another bank and then had to be rescued from complete ruin by another bank and a government bail out.

Thank sir, and goodbye were her final words.

That’s the way I mutherfuggin roll! Then kiss teeth sound.

Did you ask her if she’d ever tried it?

Getting out in the fresh air, the exercise of handling a bike, having a reason to get out of bed in the morning at an advanced age, all the sort of things doctors seem to recommend, did you remind her of those? :slight_smile:

“Quarter past 3”

it’s never “wise” to ride a motorbike. but it is a hell of a lot more fun!

LMAO :smiley:

(Bet you didn’t mention the recent frolics in the woodlands with the nymphs with walnuts in their navels either, did you?)


I didn’t know Wolfie had a Trumpet:D

Ask her to come on the back with you to assess :smiley:

What a load of c0ck - there are guys out there riding bikes into their 80’s and 90’s.People can get repetitive strain type injuries at any age from regular actitivities from anything from motorcycle riding to using a flipping keyboard for God’s sake! - if you said you had got the strain from using a computer keyboard would she have said ‘don’t you think you are too old to be using a pc keyboard?’ :w00t: I think not!

She would (if she is any good at her job) have recommended a physiotherapist who could advise you how to avoid the problem through the use of a different technique etc.

Her comment was informed by a value judgement based on common prejudice (motorcycles are bad and people should not be riding them at all - even less so if they are not in the first flush of youth) rather than a rational assessment of the problem - Unfortunately good comebacks to people’s stupid comments often only occur to us after the event.

Blimey…how old are you then? bloody cheek…bet one of the pleasures you have that gives you that grin on your face and STOPS you being a grumpy ol sod, IS the fact you can ride your bike !!! (follow her home on your bike, filter passed her and kick her mirror and ride off)…:smiley:

+1 bloke I know started racing at 62! And he beats my ass something chronic lol!! Git! :D:w00t:

braaap brap

“While I can still w**k then I’m getting on the bike…end of youngun!!” :smiley:

Good luck to ya oldguy, you do what ya like mate, my old mans still riding, all be it a little slower nowdays!

I intend to ride a bike for as long as im able… :stuck_out_tongue:

Too true… All the time I can swing my leg over one, I’ll be riding :slight_smile: