Is it still raining outside?


…can’t tell from the webcam…

…work in a basement…


yep, raining @ the strand… but not as heavy as i thought it would be

yes in Portobello road


Ta for the replies…

gonna get wet then, lol :unsure:

Yep just had a check and its still raining. Be safe. :slight_smile:

Will wait for you… maybe it will have stopped by then! :slight_smile:

Wooooo. Love riding with you :slight_smile:

Rain confirmed! Can’t stop to talk… Building an ark!.. :smiley:

:kiss: :smiley:

LOL!! :w00t:

will there be proper bike straps on the ark or should i bring my own?

Bring your own Gav, I’m taking two of each make of bike! :stuck_out_tongue:

cool, can i claim one of the spots for a black FZ6 fazer please

Put me down for a Tuono space, and a members seat at the strip bar.

I assume there’ll be one on your boat sir? :smiley:

The strip bar is priority! :wink: It will be at the back of the boat, and will be called “The Rear End Bar”… :stuck_out_tongue:

‘bulk-head’ can be visited by ‘non-members’ strapped for cash.
Where cheap ladies are worked ‘hard’.

This is becoming real, the more I think about it - and the more it rains!


When they mate will they give birth to a mini moto? :stuck_out_tongue: