Is it slow for you?

Hiya. For the last few days, loading up the forum takes ages. I’ve gone off and made a cuppa between each page!

I have Sky broadband which is a tad crap. I have to unplug the router nearly every night… it’s the second one they’ve sent me.

All the other sites I visit loads up quickly, just not this one. So is it a server or my sky bb?

Its not you BB, I’m on Virgin Broadband and I was thinking it was me;)

All the rest of the forums i’m on are ok though.

Someone put 50p in the meter;)

I’m on Virgin, also been slow so i just logged off then back again, now its OK

It’s slow here too - I thought the forum was down last night.

Which is why I couldn’t post in the sexiest thread.

Don’t know who’s broadband we have here.

I’m on Bulldog and everything else is fast but LB has spots where it’s very slow and sometimes it fails to respond at all.

We are having problems here too with LB - other sites seem ok :ermm:

Will pass this on to Jay :wink:

site just had a brainfart!

We’re experiencing problems with the forum providers. I’m on the case, but please bear with us!

Is that the technical term?:wink:

Kick ass Jay :slight_smile:

“Forum providers”? WTF isn’t this on a dedicated server, with a decent ISP with pipes big enough to cope?

We’re independent, of course, though there’s some call-back functionality to the forum providers and this seems to have proven to be their achilles heel. I’m trying to get it resolved asap, as it’s obviously a huge issue for us. Sorry for now!

Phew…It’s not just me then.

In Jay We Trust!

I’m sure it will all be sorted out soon enough. :smiley:

Considering I pay nothing towards the site and simply use it, I just want to give you and any others involved, a thumbs up for the effort put into keeping this beast up and running.

Thanks for the good work.

If you want to check your connection performance have a look here.
There are quite a few around, but this one is consistently good IMHO (and I like the natty interface :smiley: ).

Thank-you! It does take a huge effort to keep this site running, especially when we come up against unhandled situations like this, but I’m not arguing, I love it.

I agree with Haggis on this. Big thumbs up for all the gang behind what I believe to be the best bike site in the whole of cyberspace… cept maybe TLZone, but hey… I’m biased;)

I’d quite willingly pay a subsctiption if it made life better:cool:

Forums are a nightmare to run, so massive kudos to your team who do.

Brainfart :smiley: All good here!