is it safe to listen to the radio while communting in london?

i stopped listening to the radion since i started riding motorcycle, but I really miss it. I once asked my instructor, he considered it safe since motorcyclists usually wear earplugs and communicative ear pieces. But i suspect i could be more distracted by listening to the radio then wearing ear plugs, and i am a new rider, hence i haven’t tried to do that. I really want to hear some advice on this, and how many of you listen to the radio while commuting.

When I was younger and less bike savvy i used to listen to music on my 125. I personally found that i only used to remember the first and last 30 seconds of what i was listening to as i got on and off as my concentration was fully focused on riding the bike. Also i think its best to have all your senses on full alert instead of taking one out of the equation. Best to leave your music behind in your bedroom or on the tube where your life isnt on the line;)

I often listen to the radio while on my bike, it occupies my mind and stops me daydreaming thus allowing far more of my attention to be focused on whats happening around me, I can still hear things like horns and loud cans but to be honest I normally rely on the MK1 eyeball for looking out for trouble, and as I also wear earplugs then car sounds are muted anyway :slight_smile:

i used to listen to my mp3 player on the bike until u found myself starting to ride to the pace of the music which wasnt good! But everyone is different

From the age 21, we start to lose brain cells, rather than generate new ones. :doze:

Since 21 was a long time ago for me, I need to use every single one of my brain cells to focus on riding. It might be enjoyable to listen to music, but I think I’d find it a distraction.

I love my music and yes, i listen to my ipod (in only one ear) whilst riding my 125.

When my scooter was new (then my bike) i didnt listen to anything for a few weeks until I got a bit more confident on the road. Only then (when i really started missing the music) did i decide i would be ok with it in my ear.

I find that whilst filtering, it heightens my concentration to an extent. And when the traffic frees up on the A road, makes the journey a bit more enjoyable.

Try it on fairly quiet at first, maybe.

As folk have said, I find I don’t hear it when I need to concentrate, but when the road is clear and you have more brain space, a little music can be nice, imho

I don’t tend to listen to anything on my regular commute or when riding with others, but on my own on longer journeys I sometimes listen to the radio or an MP3 player. A handlbar mounted volume control is useful - Maplin used to do a box for £8 that boosts sound has an on/off switch and a volume control and straps easily to handlebars etc or clips onto clothing and can be operated using gloves. I don’t know if it is still available but it used to be in the Gameboy/PSP accessory section.

thanks for all the information, i will check maplin to see if they’ve got the thing i need. I suspect that one can get more distracted by talking program than music while riding.

ya cant beat a bit of GnR to wake you up on a cold wet morning ! I also listen to music especially on a long ride not too loud though :slight_smile:

Get yourself a V Twin with some fruity cans and you won’t want to listen to anything else;):D:cool:


i reckon music would be a distraction.

much prefer the sound of my Akrapovic anyway.


I ride every day and would be lost without my trusty mp3, I tend not to listen to the radio as static and loss of signal distracts me.

I use JVC marshmallow earphones available from peter jones sloane square for a mere 15 pounds or so, they mould lie earplugs and block out external noise so you don’t need so much volume. I still hear sirens and vehicles around me.

Car stereos are very loud and drown noise and there is nothing in the highway code about it so turn on tune in and ride out I say.

I think so. I watch movies on my PDA whilst riding. Not really. I do always have an MP3 player on though, especially on long journeys. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I think it’s a personal choice. I always have my IPod in my right ear, and my bluetooth in my left. Always able to hear the traffic around me. :wink:

Always have MP3 playing and it really helps on long trips. Somebody metioned riding to the music…I found myself doing silly speeds on a Serbian motorway listening to Sandstorm (Darude) and even timing overtakes to the track…weird ,but great fun:D

I stuck the ipod on for the first time on a ride a couple of weeks ago and loved it. I didn’t find it a distraction then, it was great, on good clear roads with good scenery it just added a soundtrack… :wink: but I don’t think I’d do it around town, commuting is by far when i feel the most vulnerable on the bike, and I do listen as well as look in town (no wind noise after all).

any ideas hows to mount a dvd player so i can watch films whilst riding ? :smiley:

I listen to music when I do a long trip (the 550-odd miles to Scotland would have been hell without)

MP3 turned up to 11, no problems.

In town and commuting I just listen to my race-canned ZX9 :slight_smile: