Is it possible to have another 125 run

Was not able to make it to the last one, and I need some practice, would like to do my das before it changes in october…PLEASE!!!

I think it changes in 2008 not this year. Have you posted on the Mentors page? You could get some practise in with an experienced rider local to you. Or contact SheWoolf for more info.

Good luck

GP xxx

I’d happily help out with arranging a 125cc run. If those on the one this weekend think I’m a suitable candidate?? grins


Oh, and beware of his seaside antics

All lies I tell ya!

But GP…you bruised my nipple!

Over to you GreenHornet.

I’ll happily do cornerman/whatever if required.

Well…a similar run would be fine with me, tho may use more A-roads, so long as we have a slower bike up front for me to pace…can’t see that being an issue?

MAY have to fit a mirror on the bike though!

Or get my CB200 up and running.

Hasn’t Jim already posted about another LL ride out with limited numbers? It’s here somewhere


but the numbers WERE limited…the number of Learners anyhow! lol

I’m easy either way.

Happy to sort a ride for a weekend though, as I’d probably be riding down that way anyhow.

Yes, a tentative idea, but not until late July.

I will also definitely be doing some shorter ‘Surrey lanes’ rides in the evenings, these are likely to be at short notice.

I thought everyone, including GH, was very considerate of smaller bikes and less experieinced riders. I would have no hesitation in taking part in a similar run.

One suggestion though. I know there was concern about the numbers and the balance between small and larger bikes. Maybe two parallel runs could be organsied next time if numbers take off. Either following one another on the same route, but in two seperate groups, or following slightly different routwes with as many same stop off points as possible.

For example two groups could have take two different routes from Rykas to Brighton, with both aiming to stop at Devil’s Dyke at the same time. I relaise this means more organsiation, more leading, more tail and corner marking etc, but now we have a large number of riders experienced in riding with people on smaller machines.

Another suggestion, I think the trip to Brighton might have been too far for some, especially the less experienced with the longest journeys to Rykas. Maybe before July we should organise a shorter run, say Ace, Rykas (to meet up with others), twisty route to Newlands Corner then Hog’s Back returning via Normandy and Send. It is shorter, involves a variety of roads and would give people a chance to build up some experieince in preparation for some longer runs.

Well…like I said…I’m easy.

I know all that area fairly well (Newlands Corner, hogs Back etc.)

Could do a shorter run.

I think if we did a coast run, using A-roads would make it a lot less taxing.

As for a parallel run, a good idea, and can easily arrange “meet up” points, would be mainly for any “hooners” that wouldn’t really want a steadily paced pootle down! Don’t think numbers got in the way on the last ride though? Just need to encourage more Learners, and make sure that it is clear to all that attend that the purpose of the ride out is to cater to the Learners in the group.

So…what does everyone think?

Specifically the Learners, those new to big bikes? As it’s your ride…

I suppose what maters is what was it that stopped more learners and riders of smaller bikes taking part? I they speak up we can cater for them.

Priority should be:

  1. L-platers

  2. Newly passed (within say 3 months)

  3. Little scooters

  4. Relatively inexperienced riders who want to go slowly

  5. Other riders who are happy to do corner marking etc

I like the idea of a shorter run, it can be very tiring on a little bike to go a long distance, so perhaps GH can think about a shorter run. I would suggest you don’t put in lots of A roads and dual carriageways though, they can be rather intimidating when you’re on a little bike.

So L-platers, here’s your chance. Put your name down on the list if you’d like to go on a shortish ride designed specifically with you in mind.

Here’s the start of the list. Copy the list and add your name to the bottom and which category you fall into. L-platers, don’t worry if the list has a lot of "non-1"s, we do need a few of them to take care of the corner marking but if there are too many non-learners they will be the first ones to drop out (or go on the alternative run) so you won’t feel too intimidated.

Argirossi (1)

Green Hornet (5)

JimC (5)

Giuliano (1 and 3!)

ChoccieMuffin (4)

Do not think Argirossi needs mentoring on the bike as she has Paul600 for that - although maybe that is a reason for the mentoring…hehehehehe!

Choccie (and others from last run) I didn’t feel the second section down the Brighton run on the A281 was particularly intimidating was it? Those are the kinds of A-roads I had in mind. Just there’s less to worry about regarding poor road surfaces, unusual cambers (GP), horses! etc.

And I’ll work on a few routes…then post them up for a vote once we have an idea of numbers / interest eh?

I’m always happy to get a bit more practise at a relaxed pace so I’m up for marking corners

Argirossi (1)

Green Hornet (5)

JimC (5)

Giuliano (1 and 3!)

ChoccieMuffin (4)

Little Miss T (5)


Argirossi (1)

Green Hornet (5)

JimC (5)

Giuliano (1 and 3!)

ChoccieMuffin (4)

2 and possibly 5 for me

Ginge, you trying to leave me out again?

Updated list:

Argirossi (1)

Green Hornet (5)

JimC (5)

Giuliano (1 and 3!)

ChoccieMuffin (4)

Little Miss T(5)


Ginger Pixie (2 and 5…yay!)