Is it ok to follow myself on my profile?!.....


wtf is this follwing thing again, ive got 30 people following me apprently!?




shall i follow you:D

yeah what does it mean? :crying:/

When email notifications are turned back on, you should get an email telling you when the person you’re following has posted. Good if you follow someone who only comes on here to sign up for ride outs; not so good if you follow someone who does far more than that. :slight_smile:

I think this is the source, or at least, part of the problem with why so many notification emails were being sent out. I’ll look into it soon, but for now we’ve disabled emails being sent from the forums.

It doesn’t seem right and could be a problem with the upgrade.

Jay, what it looked like though was that some people were automatically following people? GSXR_Ang said she had loads of emails, but it didn’t sound like she’d actually selected to follow people. That seems like a weird glitch. I could be wrong though, she might have selected some. Good luck finding out what’s up with it.


I’m not following… Promise…:D:D

Good to know Jaime. :smiley:

no one follow me then, averaging 13 posts/day or something like that :smiley:

It’s people that you’ve added to the “Buddy List” under the old forum. I added various people to my Buddy List as half the time I couldnt remember who I’d met!

It all sounds a bit too much like legalised stalking to me.

How many members can I “follow” at a time? :stuck_out_tongue: