Is It National No Indicator Day???

On my lap of Battersea, West Hampstead to Streatham i had 13 (yes i was counting after 3) separate occasions where an indicator would be needed and nope they just turned either in front of me or coming onto the road i was already on!!!

What makes it worse is 9 of those where bikes well 7 were vespa’s and just as i got near my house some retard on yet another vespa came flying over a mini round about without even looking even though i was already on the edge of it and had right of way. I caught him up said your lucky i looked otherwise you would of wiped me out and i got
“yeah i went straight over whats your problem”
ARGGGGGGGGH!!! i wanted to smack him through his half face p*ss pot lid

Yeah sorry just needed to rant about that.

erm…whats new?? you must have a really dull time on your biek if you count all the silly things peopel do dude…posts liek this **** me off a bit…its an everyday thing man!

yeah normally i just get on with it but tonight was alot more than normal and riding around london is dull

p.s if these posts annoy you why bother reading it or even replying?

nah its only dull when you let it be dull…:smiley:

why? cause i dont understand why peopel liek to post up a near miss they had or oh this csr pulled out on me and i had a go at them…WOW!! it happens everyday…when car and biek actually collide its slightly diffrent;)

and i reply cos im bored of hearing this kind of post.

Hello? When was it necessary that a motorbike had to use his indicator? I was told not to use my indicator by my instructor unless I was actually going to turn off the main carriage way. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now now boys behave :slight_smile:

+1 but obviously there’s other times when you should be using an indicator too. But the stuff Shiver’s talking about, I agree, prolly makes no odds if indicator is used or not. Sound like the manouvers are bad regardless.

But I like this post cos its obviously anti-Vespa :w00t:

ain’t nuthin but a b thing baby

People like that always make you aware of people on the roads. We have all been there, weather with scars to prove it or not.

Anyways, how the bike looking?? replaced any of it yet? :smiley:

Wow i must be the only biker who likes to let others know where i intend on turning but clearly you lot must think people can read your mind! @suzukiangel the bike is free from holes and splits half primer at the moment with a new rear panel on its way:D

I think vespa’s are like the merc drivers of the bike world!

they annoy the p!ss out of me… so many times in london I nearly got taken out by them as everyone know’s on a vespa your invincible

Where do i find these “indicators” you speak of:w00t:

Are they near the rear brake i have heard of;)