Is it me...

or were Triumph exhaust systems designed by Dyson?

If they were they will have a tortured air path that will block up regularly.

Hahah. Not a Dyson fan then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Blimey. That was cute. How the heck did you guess that?

I literally have no idea. I’m just very interested in vacuum cleaning devices and I assume by your emphatic response that you are too.

With regard to the cute comment, however, I shall assume that you are referring to my avatar, and for that I am grateful for your encouraging and positive feedback.

So, are you a fan of Dyson or are you more a Miele man? I have a Vax…and a Henry (at work)…and a Dustbuster, but my favourite is by far the Hoover:

Well we have two Henrys and one Triumph exhaust system but still don’t understand the question. :ermm:

Well, normally I wouldn’t notice, being helmeted and ear plugged, but the last few days I’ve been on the bicycle and a couple of Speed somethings have been riding close by for a few miles.

I’ve been struck by the high pitched note of the exhaust. Very different to my twins. Like vacuum cleaners. Or hairdriers.

Know what you mean actually, the stock exhaust on the street triple sounds like a turbine

ahh the wine of a triple engine… luv it :smiley:

Nothing like a good threesome:P