Is it me, or is Max Biaggi the biggest (male chicken) going!

After binning it at Melbourne hairpin in Race 2, he brushes himself off, gets back up and rejoins in something like 22nd, BUT, when he rejoins, he doesn’t even LOOK at the traffic coming round and spears into one of the lesser known riders down the back… they both stay on luckily enough, but there isn’t even a hand up up of, sorry fella, I got work to do, my mistake or ANYTHING…

Then to top it off, when interviewed on the WSB site it turns out that he broke one of his meta-tarsals in this coming together… and his quote…

“… when I rejoined the race, I was hit by…”

Even the commentators were describing him as an amateur for not even doing a life-saver to check for other riders and he’s saying he was hit by someone else…

Glad he’s not in MotoGP any more… that sort of attitude is dangerous, and crap in my book, don’t care how much he’s won, or how good that RSV4 he’s riding is, he’s an A! c0ck in my book. Don’t think he deserves a WSB ride either…

Don’t know why it’s got me so riled, but its on par with Schalk Burger gouging in the Lions Test the other day and de Villiers saying gouging was “just a part of the sport!” NO ITS NOT YOU SAFFA THUGS, GROW UP! It was, 50 years ago…

If you can’t win without cheating why are you taking part… losers! And that goes for Biaggi too… loser!

He does have a reputation for being an arrogant and conceited arseh*le. . .:smiley:

Rossi hates him.

The man (and I use the word loosely) is an utter ****.

WOW!!! After years of hearing other people blowing sunshine up Biaggis ar5e, i thought i was the only one who despised the man.
Don’t get me wrong, he can ride. and he’s a winner in all the classes he’s ridden in.

But what a C0ck!!!

Thank you everyone for making me feel like i’m not alone in the dark anymore :smiley:

well after his attitude on his pit bike after crashing at wsbk donny, nearly knocked me over twice!

To be fair, it might have been a translation problem, and after coming off your bike, you’re going to be a bit flustered. It could well have been an innocent mistake and a translation issue. When we interviewed him last, we found him to be nothing but a real nice guy. I’m reserving judgement :-/

Off course you are, Jay…
Might wanna interview him again one day :wink:

Unfortunatly you are alaways going to get situations like this- when rossi punted Giblet out the way at jerez was close-when foggy was taken out by riding into someone else going slower.

It is a no contact sport but unfortunatly it is also a very fast sport where everything happens in a split second.

as for the Rugby or football- well a slow paced sport where you can grapple (or grope if batting for the other side) with another man. Premediated tackles-studs out-eye gouging etc etc.

Mind you saying that capirossi did fire his bike into harada once and did not a spanish chap called Criville put Doohan off?

What max did was stupid but not intenional unless you were rossi at suzuka!!